Is LandingCube the Right Page Builder for You?

As we’ve discussed on this website, driving external traffic to your Amazon listings is essential for growing your sales, but this advice comes with a key caveat:

Don’t send the external traffic straight to Amazon. That would be a mistake as it won’t convert very well and will only result in wasted ad spend and a lower conversion rate on your listing, which will affect your overall rankings on Amazon negatively.

There’s a simple solution to this problem and that is: landing pages.

Instead of sending traffic directly to your Amazon listing, you send it to a landing page. These landing pages can filter traffic from external sources down to only customers who are most likely to convert.

You can use these pages to ask potential prospects for their email address in exchange for a single-use promo code, which will result in four things:

  1. Increased sales as prospects that give out their emails for a discount are more likely to buy your product.
  2. Higher conversions for your listings because the traffic you funnel via your landing pages is of a higher quality.
  3. Better rankings on Amazon because most of the customers who visit your listings convert.
  4. You start to build an email list of quality prospects that are likely to become repeat customers.

The good news is that you don’t even have to pay a premium price to hire a web developer to build your custom landing pages. Instead, you can use Amazon landing page generators to build custom landing pages in minutes, at affordable rates.

One popular service providing this solution is LandingCube, so here we’ll take a closer look at how it stacks up. We’ll covers its features, pricing, the pros and cons and give our overall review of the tool.

Let’s take a look:

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LandingCube Review

LandingCube has been updated recently, so now is as good a time as any to take a fresh look at the software and if it still measures up to the increasing number of software solutions available to Amazon sellers.

The most exciting new features, which will be covered below, are:

  • 2-Step URL Generator.
  • Support for Facebook Bot campaigns.
  • Inventory protection.
  • The LandingCube Academy.

In addition to new pricing, the free trial has been extended to a whopping 21 days! This ensures that you will have plenty of time to try out the software and speaks to the confidence the team has in it.

The developers are certainly confident that LandingCube will become an essential part of your Amazon seller toolkit, but how does it really measure up? Let’s get straight into the review and find out.

So, What is it?

LandingCube is an Amazon landing page generator that can be used to build beautiful, responsive landing pages that are optimized for conversions. LandingCube’s landing pages are specifically designed to help Amazon FBA sellers promote their products and convert traffic from external sources like social media sites, blogs, and search engines into sales and long-term customers.

You can easily build something like this:

LandingCube Demo

And this:

Landing Page Example

The service includes tools for conversion tracking and retargeting, generating single-use promos, capturing emails, and inventory protection features.

LandingCube Features

1. Landing Page Generation

This is LandingCube’s core feature. Before you start the process, you should decide on a compelling discount offer. LandingCube recommends setting up discount codes that are at least 50% off for the best effect, but never go over 75%. Steep discounts tend to make buyers suspicious. They might think you’re trying to push out defective/poor quality stock.

To launch a new campaign, you must enter a campaign name and then input the Amazon URL of your product. LandingCube will automatically pull all of your product information; all you need to do is enter the promo price and the start and end time for the promotion. LandingCube will then generate a landing page and provide you with options for modifying its layout. You can tweak the design, add a countdown timer, write a compelling call to action, and more.

If you want to host the landing page on your own website, LandingCube can provide you with an embed code after you finish making the landing page. They even have a WordPress plugin that can add campaigns directly to your WordPress site, available in the plugin repository.

2. Capture Emails

Email Opt-in ExampleLandingCube can help you build an email list by offering customers coupon codes in exchange for their email. Once you’ve set up your landing page, you can modify your email settings and choose whether to require an email opt-in, a first or last name, and email verification. You also have the option to add an email provider (MailChimp, Aweber, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, Drip, and GetResponse etc.) or you can let the LandingCube software collect your customer emails for you.

3. Single-Use Promo Codes

LandingCube automates the process of sending out single-use promos. Before you can use this feature, you have to create the coupon codes inside your Seller Central account. You can then incorporate them into your landing page using the ‘Amazon Integration’ option on the LandingCube dashboard.

To protect your inventory, LandingCube can limit the number of coupons you send in a day, limit promos to only one promo per email address or IP address, and block emails from disposable email services like You can choose to give out promo codes directly on the landing page as soon as a prospect enters their email, or you can have them verify their email first before redirecting them to the promo code.

Giving out promo codes is a great way to get sales, but just remember that reviews for purchases made with a discount higher than 50% won’t get the ‘Amazon Verified Purchase’ tag on Amazon. There is no official limit and you will find conflicting information about this on FBA forums, but small discounts of up to 20% will probably be fine.

4. Conversion Tracking and Retargeting

LandingCube supports Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel tracking. You can enter your Google Analytics account ID and Facebook Pixel ID in the settings menu. Your landing page will then automatically track visits and conversions.

As you can see, LandingCube provides the core features that you want for a landing page strategy, and they work as intended.

5. URL Generator

One of the weaknesses of the previous version of Landing Cube was the lack of a super URL generator, but this has been addressed in the latest iteration.

One of the secret tricks of many successful Amazon sellers is the use of custom URLs that help your listing’s SEO by gaming the Amazon algorithm. These URLs link your customers directly to your product, but appear to Amazon as if the customer searched for a popular term before they came to your product page.

This sounds like a tiny thing, but this tells the Amazon algorithm that for certain keywords your listing is a popular choice and it bumps it up the results list, keeping you high up on the first page.

The LandingCube URL Generator includes 2-step storefront and brand URLs, with automatic keyword rotation which ensures that you will rank for all of your target keywords without having to manually change the link composition.

You can also add any links you already have made to their system for easy management. The team has also promised that Field-ASIN URLs will be added soon, making this an even more powerful URL generator.

There are other URL generators on the market and some are even free, but very few give you the power and customization options of the one included with LandingCube.

6. Facebook Messenger Bot Campaigns

Facebook Messenger is being increasingly used as a marketing tool and in recognition of this, the LandingCube team have created a powerful new tool for creating and managing messenger bot campaigns.

Typically, messenger promo code campaigns are used as an alternative to a traditional landing page for a Facebook ad call to action. The buyer clicks through on your ad and it opens a messenger window, where they can claim a discount code for the product.

It doesn’t end there however, as you can also set up all of your follow up communications via the chat bot. Once the code is given, you can link the product, deal with any questions and then follow up after the purchase to get a review via the chat bot.

It used to be quite difficult for beginners to set up these campaigns and this meant they were very under utilised. With the new messenger integration, LandingCube has made it a simple process to set up and manage a chat bot, giving you another promotional avenue to use.

To access this feature though, you will need to be subscribed to the two highest levels of LandingCube. It is not yet available on the basic subscription.

7. Inventory Protection

Another feature that may just save you a lot of money and hassle is the inventory protection built into the LandingCube software.

One of the issues many sellers face during promo code campaigns is managing their inventory to ensure they don’t run out accidentally and preventing any exploitation of the promo codes.

To help with this LandingCube can require emails (and verify them) before customers can access the promotion and can automatically limit the number of codes per IP and decline temporary email addresses.

The software will not send out more codes than you have inventory and can slowly filter out the available codes over a number of days instead of releasing them all at once. This ensures you get the best bang for buck on your promo code campaign.

These may all seem like simple things, but not having to manually manage inventory and preventing scamming is super useful and will save you time and money in the long term.

8. LandingCube Academy

LandingCube Academy is not often discussed as a feature of this software, but I think it deserves a lot more attention and is especially useful for new sellers.

The team at LandingCube cater to everyone from beginners to power users and understand that the key to being successful with their software is driving targeted traffic using paid ads for a reasonable cost. Basically, they can help you make the greatest landing pages known to man, but if they get no traffic then you won’t see any benefit and will end your subscription. Getting clicks through to your landing pages and converting them is good news for everyone.

The training available to users via the LandingCube Academy is really useful. It helps users understand the strategies and tactics needed to run ads, get clicks and then convert them on your landing page. As I mentioned, this is perfect for beginners who may not know how to get cost effective traffic to their ads, although even experienced users might pick up a tip or two.

LandingCube Pricing

LandingCube offers a very generous 21 day free trial (CC required) to use all of its features. There are then three subscription tiers:

  • FBA Beginner – for $180/year, you get 2 active landing pages, unlimited traffic, and unlimited coupons. There is no monthly option for this tier.
  • Large Business – for $360/year, you get 10 active landing pages, unlimited traffic, unlimited coupons, Facebook Messenger Bots, 2-Step URLs and you can remove LandingCube’s branding from your pages. You can also get a monthly subscription for $49.
  • Full-time Seller – for $720/year, you get unlimited landing pages, unlimited traffic, unlimited coupons, Facebook Messenger Bots, 2-Step URLs, removal of LandingCube’s branding, and priority support. You can also get a monthly subscription for $99.

Here you can see the plans as shown on the LandingCube website.

Yearly Subscriptions:

Yearly Pricing

Monthly Subscriptions:

Monthly Subscription Options

The Pros and Cons


  • Ease of use – Setting up landing pages using LandingCube is a pretty straightforward process. You can get set up in less than 10 minutes.
  • Automatic Landing Page Content –Landing Cube automatically populates your landing page using content from your Amazon listing. This allows you to quickly create a landing page without having to upload images or type anything.
  • No experience required to create a landing page – There is no coding, knowledge of websites or any technical experience required to create a landing page with a few clicks.
  • Multiple app integrations – LandingCube supports integration with several email marketing providers (MailChimp, AWeber, Drip, etc.) and conversion tracking tools like Google Analytics and Facebook’s Pixel.
  • Helps you build an email list – Email marketing consistently delivers some of the highest ROI out of any marketing channels and LandingCube helps you build an email list of quality customers you can market to in the future to bring in quick sales.
  • Education and Great Content– LandingCube is constantly putting out courses and content to educate and train customers on how to drive paid traffic to landing pages. Even if you’ve never run a Facebook ad before, the free LandingCube academy will help you master paid ads in no time.
  • Trustworthy Team – The team behind LandingCube are experts in selling and marketing products on Amazon themselves and have now put that expertise into this software to help other Amazon sellers.
  • Great support – LandingCube offers quick customer support. In our experience, a support ticket typically receives a response in less than an hour depending on the time of the week.
  • Messenger Integration – LandingCubes latest feature allows you to easily create promo code campaigns via messenger using a chat bot.
  • Easy Interface – Most users, even those without web development experience find the software easy to use and there are plenty of support articles available if you do run into problems.
  • Analytics Dashboard – The analytics dashboard in LandingCube is a great way to see all of your analytics at a glance and is very convenient due to the integration with Google and Facebook.
  • 21 Day Trial – This is a very generous trial period which speaks to the confidence the team has in their product. They’re confident their software will become an essential part of your amazon seller toolkit and give you plenty of time to try it out and see the benefits for yourself.


  • Recurring costs – Paying $180/year for just two landing pages might be steep for new sellers who are just getting started.
  • Entry-level subscription tier includes LandingCube branding – Subscribers of the ‘FBA beginner’ tier can’t remove LandingCube’s logo from their landing pages unless they upgrade to more expensive tiers.
  • Limited customization – While LandingCube has robust customization options, you can’t use it to create a 100% custom landing page. You’re limited to LandingCube’s existing templates.
  • Steep-ish learning curve – The page builder interface might be intimidating to a seller with zero web development experience. Fortunately, there is extensive documentation to help new users get started.
  • Starter Price Point – It would be nice to see a cheaper monthly price for the starter plan, especially because this is targeted at small or new sellers. However, the yearly plan discount and 21 day free trial is still quite generous which does balance this out with some alternative pricing options.

Our Verdict

External traffic is a great way to diversify your Amazon business while driving more sales, which then also improve your rankings in Amazon’s search engine. It’s a huge untapped opportunity most Amazon sellers miss out on.

However, there are two big problems with external traffic: First, setting up external traffic sources can be complicated and many Amazon sellers don’t have the ability to properly optimize the traffic they receive. Second, external traffic sent directly to a listing is known to convert poorly.

LandingCube’s solution offers easy-to-build landing pages that ask potential buyers for an email address in exchange for a promo code. It whittles your traffic down to prospects who want to buy your product right now, resulting in a much higher conversion rate and also helps you build an email list, which is an incredibly valuable asset.

LandingCube’s price might make new sellers pause, but it’s a worthwhile investment for any seller that wants to build a brand and properly optimize traffic from external sources. This is balanced by the generous 21 day free trial. I have not seen any other software in this category offering such generous trial terms. The LandingCube team are confident that by the end of the trial you will see the value of the monthly or yearly plans and add it to your seller toolkit.

It’s perhaps not quite as customizable as some would like but overall, we highly recommend this tool to sellers who want a quick and effective way to build landing pages for higher conversions and better returns for their ad spend on external traffic.

An alternative to LandingCube would be AMZPromoter. You can read of our full analysis of AMZPromoter and also a side-by-side comparison of the tools. In short: LandingCube is probably the best solution for those starting out, whilst AMZPromoter has a few more advanced features that experienced sellers will find useful.

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