Best Amazon Feedback Software in 2022

These Top Tools Will Automate Customer Communication and Get You Reviews

As a seller on Amazon, it can be all too easy to simply rely on the systems within your sellers account to interact with your customers. While this can provide a minimum level of customer support, it is becoming increasingly common to use third party services to differentiate your service from the thousands of other Amazon stores.

The importance of reviews can really not be understated. Research has shown that 70% of shoppers see reviews as an ‘important’ factor when choosing a product and in particular, consumers see positive reviews as an indication of quality. The power of a review is clear. The real challenge is getting authentic reviews from your customers.

Software solutions that automate customer service responses and feedback requests are increasingly popular for this reason. Not only do these services increase the level of customer satisfaction, they can also lead to increased positive feedback on your listings, boosting you up the rankings significantly.

With just a few small changes to your processes, you can greatly increase the number of views you receive and also improve you products ratings. Before we get into the nuts and bolts of feedback and auto response software, let’s look at exactly how you will benefit.

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Why Feedback Matters for Amazon FBA Sellers

Most serious Amazon FBA sellers already know that the more reviews you get and the better the products overall score are, the better a listing performs.

For a product to have any chance at being profitable, it needs to break into the first page of results for a keyword and ideally it should be in the top three listings. The order of listings is decided by the Amazon algorithm, which takes a number of factors into account when processing customer searches.

There are a number of ways to push your listing higher, but one of the most important battlegrounds is to do with the number of reviews and the review score.

A high number of positive reviews are needed to gain that number one position. In the past, sellers relied on Amazon’s prompts to customers to review the product, but this system has its limits. Now, most serious sellers manage their own customer communications using autoresponders and this invariably leads to a higher response rate and better performing listings overall.

In the following reviews, we will showcase the best Amzon feedback software and auto response tools available today, helping you decide which one is best for your needs, as well give our overall verdict based on our real-world experience with these tools.

Reviewing the Most Popular Tools on the Market

The following pieces of software have been chosen as they represent the most popular feedback and auto response tools used by Amazon FBA sellers.

They all have their strengths and weaknesses and it is becoming exceedingly difficult to arrive at a ‘winner’ that will suit all use cases. Instead, after looking at the positives and negatives of each product, I will make a number of recommendations that will take into account typical seller situations.

Let’s get started:

Feedback Five

Feedback Five is a relatively popular piece of feedback software that ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to engaging with your Amazon customers.

It allows you to create new email campaigns and set email templates like other software in the category, while also allowing you to easily track the progress of your Amazon orders and keep an eye on your Amazon reviews. This gives the platform far more utility to Amazon sellers when compared to generic email campaign software. 


  • Generous free option, which allows you to trial the software before committing to a paid plan.
  • All plans allow for multiple users, making delegation easy.
  • All paid plans allow unlimited campaigns.
  • Alerts for negative reviews and analytics that can be used to analyse trends.


  • There have been very few changes to the software over the years. It works, but it certainly isn’t groundbreaking.
  • Additional features such as adding new stores or adding extra emails can get costly. 
  • Dated UI that does not do the software any justice, combined with unresponsive customer support.


As mentioned, Feedback Five has a generous free tier which gives you two campaigns and 50 emails a month as basically a fully functional (minus the analytics) free trial.

Realistically though, 50 emails won’t get you far and if you are serious, you will quickly graduate to the paid plans, which are at $9.99, $29.99 and $59.99 price points, although the sky’s the limit if you need to add more than 1500 emails. You only start to get analytics at the $29.99 plan, which are arguably one of the main reasons to choose this software, yet the 1500 emails a month could still be a bit light for real power sellers, meaning a lot of users will need the more expensive plans.

Overall Impression

Feedback Five works well and does what it says on the box, but the lack of updates and poor UI are really making the software show its age.

While the free option is a great trial, once you start sending out bulk emails, it is no longer great value. This software can be a great starting point for beginners to learn, but you will soon want to try some of the newer, flashier options


FeedbackWhiz is a real one stop shop for managing your Amazon reviews and is one of the best pieces of review software out there.

This software package allows you to manage your orders and receive alerts at critical times, allowing you to respond to customer concerns at critical times to avoid bad feedback. The feedback tools and email automation allows you to increase positive responses by choosing the best time to ask for reviews.

All of your communications can also be automated and the success of your strategies tracked and refined using detailed analytics and A/B testing.


  • Great free plan that gives you access to all features and 150 emails.
  • Clean and easy to use UI.
  • A/B testing functionality.
  • Easy to read analytics, presented as graphs that give you all the info you need at a glance.
  • Drag and drop email creator, which lets you create professional looking emails with a minimum of fuss.
  • Super responsive support and customer care.


  • Some users may find the preset email templates a bit limited, but most people use their own anyway.
  • Separate plans for email automation and product monitoring.


The free plan is great value, offering 150 emails and access to all the features of the software, but it is basically a lead magnet for the paid plans, as you will quickly need more emails once you start to use the software effectively.

The other price points for email automation are: $19.99, $39.99, $79.99 and $139.99. At each level you get more campaigns and emails, with the top two plans being unlimited. The biggest difference is that the top plan is the only one to give unlimited marketplaces, with all others only offering one (with the option to pay for more). 

Each plan also supposedly offers increased/expedited support, with the promise of a dedicated account manager for the premium plan, which if true could be great value.

Once you get past the email automation plans it gets complicated. To access the review monitoring functionality, you have to pay a monthly add on based on the number of tracked ASINs. This starts at $5 to track 5 products, up to $200 to track 5000.

Overall Impression

There are a lot of positives to this software and almost no negatives, making it a great choice for beginner and pro Amazon sellers alike. Use our exclusive Feedback Whiz coupon code “IGNITION50” during checkout for 50% off your first payment on any monthly plan, in addition to the 30 day free trial.

Even the lower level plans offer a lot of emails and full functionality, meaning you can get a premium service at a budget price.

The functions of the software are honestly not groundbreaking, but the UI, clear analytics and strong seller support make FeedbackWhizz a real pleasure to use. I would really like to see the review tracker price integrated into the pro level plans though, as running two different pricing structures is just needlessly complex.

Jungle Scout Launch

Jungle Scout Launch, previously known as Jump Send is a well known player in the email automation and customer engagement space.

The Jungle Scout suite is one of the most well known and popular Amazon seller tools, which makes Launch the go to automation tool for many sellers, as they are already well embedded in the Jungle Scout suite of seller tools. We’ve covered Launch specifically here.

Different to other Amazon review software, Launch runs its own marketplace where sellers can offer discounts in return for reviews, helping to boost your listings quickly and reliably. 


  • Part of a well established suite of Amazon seller tools, keeping all of your tasks in one place.
  • Easy to ‘farm’ reviews and increase listing rank.
  • Solid UI and great customer support ensure a good user experience.
  • Available across 8 of the most popular marketplaces.
  • Easy to set up email funnels and customizable email templates.


  • You have to buy into the whole Jungle Scout ecosystem to make the best use of your subscription.
  • Little control over customer contact details does not allow you to build an email list in the traditional sense.
  • No free trial, just a 14 day money back guarantee.


Launch is an add-on to the wider Jungle Scout suite and the pricing is determined on a sliding scale, which increases based on the 30 day order count from you Amazon account.

This is an attempt to move away from pricing tiers with inclusions and exclusions. Instead, you get full functionality at each level but pay more based on how much you actually use the software which is a nice change. The scale is as follows (based on total orders):

  • 0-500 = $49
  • 501-2000 = $69
  • 2001-5000 = $99
  • 5001-10000= $199
  • 10000+ = $399

As you can see, even the cheapest plan is not so cheap, but you have to bear in mind that this also combines coupon distribution with email automation, which could easily cost you $20-$30 a month on its own.

Overall Impression

Jungle Scout Launch is much more than your average autoresponder and feedback manager, but it does come with a price tag to match.

If you are already in deep with Jungle Scout software though, this is a no brainer. Also, if you need to also distribute coupons, then Launch can also be good value.

However, if you are just wanting to try out email campaigns for the first time, a piece of software with a lower monthly cost may be a better choice, at least to begin with.

Feedback Genius

Feedback Genius is one of four tools by the same developer, all pitched at Amazon FBA sellers who want smoother workflows.

The aim of Feedback Genius, as the name would suggest, is to automate buyer-seller email communications with the purpose of increasing feedback levels overall. Like comparable products, it tracks the status of your orders, so that targeted emails can be sent at key times to encourage more positive reviews.


  • A very focussed tool which prioritizes review management over less useful features.
  • Reasonably easy to setup and manage automated email campaigns.
  • Very user friendly analytics section which displays data such as open rates on easy to read graphs.
  • Email A/B testing to help refine your messaging.
  • A free package that includes 100 emails for you to trial the software.


  • At least at the time of writing, the official website was a complete trainwreck and almost unusable (likely to be a short term issue, but a worrying sign).
  • Extra charges to add more marketplaces, even on the premium plans. 
  • The software does tend to lag if you have a large account with many products.


If you are buying just Feedback Genius, the paid packages start from $20 and go as high as $250 for the enterprise package that includes 60 000 emails. At every level, you can add packages of extra emails and also additional market places for a fee.

The pricing is quite comparable to other products out there and lacks some of the additions such as multiple marketplaces or multiple user accounts. There is however a big saving to be made if you bundle Feedback Genius with the developer’s other Amazon seller tools, so it can be worth investigating if they will be useful for you.

Overall Impression

Overall, I can’t say that Feedback Genius stands out. It does what you would expect from an autoresponder and feedback management system and does it well, but not miles better than any other service discussed here.

Definitely try out the free trial for yourself and see if you click with the UI, as it is certainly a solid option in the category.

Feedback Express

Feedback Express is a really polished option for cloud based feedback and communications automation. Created specifically for Amazon FBA sellers, it is designed to help streamline the process of sending out communications at crucial stages in the buying process.

It links in with Amazon API seamlessly to give you real time alerts as a buyer moves through the purchasing process, or when reviews have been received, giving you the opportunity to react fast to any problems. 


  • A great, easy to read dashboard that puts the crucial information front and centre.
  • Email templates can be automatically populated with product images and descriptions, giving a professional look with little effort.
  • All plans include unlimited marketplaces as standard.
  • 30 day free trial with all features.
  • Easy to use automation tools that get you started fast.


  • Based in the UK and billed in pounds, which can make it pricier than other options and introduces exposure to currency fluctuations for long term users.
  • No free plan, only a free trial (although some may see this as a positive).


As mentioned, there is a very generous free trial for this software. The paid options start with a £39 plan (£35 if paid annually), up to £177 per month (£159 annually) for the premium option.

At all price points, unlimited marketplaces are included, which puts this software among the best for those selling in multiple marketplaces. The only major difference between the plans is the number of included emails, with the $35 plan giving 5000 emails a month. 

Overall Impression

Feedback Express is a real leading choice for those looking to work across multiple marketplaces. Although it is not billed in US Dollars, this shouldn’t be a big issue for those selling internationally anyway.

The whole platform is quite polished and easy to use, making the process of setting up your email campaigns and alerts effortless. One of the biggest pluses in my opinion is the free trial, rather than free plan. Because the free trial is for a limited time, they have been able to include a real, usable number of emails to help you properly evaluate the software and make an informed decision.

Verdict: Which is the Best Feedback Software?

There is a lot of choice out there for feedback and auto response software and no clear market leader in terms of customers or functionality. For this reason, I will make a number of suggestions based on your use case.

  • Best for those wanting to try out automation of customer communications for the first time: FeedbackWhizz is a very accessible piece of software that will get you some great results fast. Use code “IGNITION50” for 50% off your first payment on any monthly plan, in addition to the 30 day free trial.
  • Best for those who run a large number of products and sell high volumes: Jungle Scout Launch is a great choice. It also has the extra and unique feature of handling coupon distribution. Jungle Scout has been around for ages and has stood the test of time, so you can expect stability and functionality as a matter of course.
  • Best for anyone selling over multiple marketplaces: The obvious choice is Feedback Express. By including unlimited marketplaces in the standard price, it beats out every single competitor that charges extra for more marketplaces.

Final Thoughts

Getting your products into the ‘buy box’ is more important than ever with the high level of competition between FBA sellers. 

Every day, customer expectations surrounding communications and general service are increasing and if you make no effort in this space, you will begin to get lower reviews compared to the competition. Given the importance customers place on reviews when making a purchase, low reviews can cost you big dollars.

Compared to the potential downsides and benefits, the price of quality feedback and auto response software is really a drop in the ocean. The great thing is, that after a brief learning curve during the setup process, this kind of software tends to work along in the background with minimum intervention.

With all of the generous free basic accounts and free trials available, there is no reason not to try out one of the leading autoresponders mentioned and see how it can help your Amazon FBA business for yourself.



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