Helium 10 Review – Jack of All Trades or Master of None?

Is This The New Top Dog For Amazon Research and Management? Let’s Find Out.

To be successful with Amazon FBA these days requires managing large amounts of information effectively. It is long past the point where you can manage all of your research and inventory using simple spreadsheets. Any serious seller is using one or more specialized pieces of software designed for Amazon sellers.

For some time now, sellers have been looking for an all-in-one solution to their online research and store management needs. A number of developers have moved into this space, sensing an opportunity to create the perfect Amazon FBA software suite.

The big question is, which software is going to give you the edge you need to find new products and get them onto page one, all in one convenient package? There are so many options out there – all promising the world – that it can be hard to choose.

Helium 10 Logo

As a newcomer to this space, the developers behind Helium 10 certainly talk a big game. They make the bold claim that they have the all-in-one software package that Amazon sellers are looking for.

So how does this new software package measure up to the entrenched big boys of the industry? It certainly seems to be feature packed, but it is all about what is actually under the hood. In this Helium 10 review, I am going to put Helium 10 through its paces to help you decide if this is the right software for you.

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Helium 10 Review: New Kid on The Block

The question everyone wants answered is whether or not Helium 10 can compete blow for blow with Jungle Scout, the tried and true gold standard of Amazon research tools.

Although it has only been around for a short length of time, Helium 10 has a lot of people talking and many have already made the move over, claiming it is now the best Amazon seller research and management software on the market.

The sheer number of functions available to Helium 10 users makes this daunting to review. Really, the only way to do it justice is to go through each feature methodically, judging each on its merits, before looking at pricing and evaluating the overall package.

So let’s get straight into it and take a look at what’s “inside the box”.


No-one knows for sure what the ‘10’ in Helium 10 stands for, but it probably refers to the number of features the product launched with. The problem now is that they have considerably more (as many as 15 depending on what you consider a ‘feature’). Maybe it’s time for a name change?

Below, you will find a review of each feature, with some commentary on its functionality in comparison to other popular tools.

Blackbox (Product Research)

The first thing you will notice is that the developers behind Helium 10 make an effort to be original with the names for their tools, which depending on individual preference can be annoying or a bit of harmless fun (I fall into the latter category personally).

Blackbox is Helium 10’s answer to the wildly popular Jungle Scout Database and based on my testing it can go toe to toe with its bigger competitor. As you can see below, Blackbox features all of the filters you have come to expect, in a relatively clean and easy to use UI:

Blackbox demo

But what really matters is the accuracy of the results. As a test search, I have used ‘garlic press’:

Result analysis

This is a dynamic search that looks for variants and misspellings of the keyword and it gives you enough information to make an informed decision about the product or niche.

I cross referenced these results with Jungle Scouts Database tool and noticed very little variance in the estimates for search volume, sales or revenue. Based on this test and others, I have concluded that Blackbox is at least as good as the leading tools on the market when it comes to product research, making it worth at least $29 a month if sold on its own instead of in the Helium 10 package.


Trendster is an interesting tool that does not seem to have a direct equivalent in competing products. In essence, Trendster gives you an estimate of your chosen products seasonality.

There is nothing worse for a seller than paying for your products to be stocked in the warehouse only to have them sit there due to slack sales.

You can analyze a product by keyword or ASIN and it will show you the sales rank and pricing over time in an easy to read graph which can be modified to show different time frames. This information allows you to identify the times of the year when your chosen product has the highest volume and price.

No doubt this is a handy little tool, but I am not convinced that it needs to be stand alone. I daresay this information could be incorporated into Blackbox to keep all your niche research in one place.

Magnet2 (Keyword Research)

Magnet2 is the comprehensive keyword research tool included in the Helium 10 software suite. Using the search bar at the top of the page, you can search up to 200 keywords at once in order to find the most profitable related product or niche.

Once again I searched for ‘garlic press’. The first thing you will see is the broad overview of the category which is cleanly laid out and gives you a good starting point on the niche:

Magnet2 feature

From here, you can apply more advanced filters, or dive straight into the results table:

Advanced filters view

These column headings will look familiar if you have already been using research software, with the exception of the ‘Magnet IQ Score’.

This is Helium 10’s own rating of the keyword based on a combination of the exact phrase search volume and the number of competing products. The higher this number, the easier the term will be to rank. Even though advanced users will have their own potentially more accurate ways of analyzing these keywords, the Magnet IQ score is a decent starting point.

Cerebro (ASIN Search)

Cerebro is yet another useful tool included in the Helium 10 package that helps you refine your keyword list down to the real winners.

Using it’s reverse ASIN search, you can discover the keywords that any given product is ranking for. The best time to use this is when making new product choices, as it gives you information on both search volume and competition.

It all begins with entering one or more product ASIN’s in the search field. Similar to other Helium 10 tools, you will be given a snapshot of your results before getting into the big tables of data:

Cerebro feature

While this info can be useful, what you really want is the detailed keyword info in the table below:

detailed analysis

You will notice you get all the fields you would typically expect, along with a ‘Cerebro IQ Score’. This is a score given by Cerebro based on the ratio of competition to search volume. This score is a fairly good guide in my experience and a high scoring product could be a good prospect.

One thing to watch for is the inclusion of keywords with brand names. These often score highly, but are useless to FBA sellers. Other tools on the market also typically include these keywords as well, so this is by no means a black mark on the software.

What Cerebro offers is not groundbreaking, but it does keep pace with the big boys in this field and could easily be sold as a standalone product in the range of $10-20 a month if it was not part of the complete Helium 10 software suite.

Frankenstein (Keyword Processor)

Frankenstein is a fairly unique tool that will be particularly useful for the real power sellers with large keyword lists that they need to trim down.

With this tool, you can input a large list of keywords and filter them in a range of ways to remove dud keywords like ASIN’s, single words/letters and duplicate phrases:

Frankenstein feature

This process used to be quite arduous but with the clean and simple Frankenstein UI, you can clean up big keyword lists fast. Once you get your squeaky clean list, you can easily copy it for use elsewhere, save it, or take it straight over to the Helium 10 listing optimizer (Scribbles).

Frankenstein is simple and fast, yet saves you an untold amount of time and hassle. I would happily pay $10 a month just for this piece of software on its own.

Scribbles (Listing Optimizer)

Scribbles is quite a neat little listing optimizer that interfaces well with Frankenstein to ensure you pack your new listing with as many relevant keywords as possible. While some people pay big bucks to help with their product listing optimization, that could be a thing of the past with how easy Scribbles is to use.

As you can see below, Scribbles looks very similar to popular content management systems you may have encountered before, but take note of the large box for phrases on the left:

Scribbles feature

Over on the left, you can add a list of keywords imported from Frankenstein, or just about anywhere else. Then, as you begin typing your titles and description, it shows you which terms have been used and which you still need to include.

Now, you will still need to string a sentence together to get a coherent listing, but this system does ensure you won’t leave any important keywords out.

Listing optimizer’s like this one can really be pricey. The Jungle Scout alternative is a premium done-for-you service, rather than an automated tool but it runs into the hundreds of dollars per listing! Now, an auto-optimizer like this won’t give the same results as having an expert write your listings, but it will get you close enough. This particular tool in Helium 10 easily represents a $29+ a month value, especially if you find yourself writing a lot of listings.

Index Checker

I guess the Helium 10 team ran out of funky names by this point, because this tool does exactly what it says on the box. This tool is a quick and easy way to check if your listings are ranking for your carefully chosen keywords once the product is live, although I feel like this and the next tool could potentially be combined into one tool instead of having two single purpose apps.

All you need to do is put in your products ASIN and the keywords you want to check:

Index Checker feature

What you want to see is a tick in that far right ‘cumulative’ column. My example product passes the test with flying colours:

indexing results

We have all been experienced a time when we’re left wondering why our brand new listing just isn’t performing. This is a quick and easy way to check your keyword indexing, which is often the culprit in underperforming Amazon product listings. If you can see a crucial keyword is not being picked up, then it is a sign that you need to go back and modify your product listing to mention it a few more times.

I have found myself using the Index Checker whenever I am a bit unsure of a listing performance and it is yet to let me down. It is super easy to use and gives you the needed results fast.

Keyword Tracker

This is one of the newest additions to the Helium 10 software suite and it gives you the ability to easily track the ranking of your keywords to keep your listing properly optimized once it is up and running.

All of the information you need to track your target keyword is displayed on a nice neat table that shows you the estimated search volume, competitors, the terms overall rank and if it is trending up or down the rankings:

Keyword Tracker feature

As you likely know, page one is your end goal, as this is where all the sales happen. To achieve this, your carefully chosen keywords need to be pulling their weight. If you identify some subpar keywords using the Keyword Tracker, there are a few things you can consider doing, like improving your listing, creating a PPC campaign or offering coupons/discounts.

With all the effort that goes into finding the right product, setting up the perfect combination of keywords and tying it all together with a well optimized listing, you would be crazy not to be checking your keywords performance periodically. It is hard to overstate how much money this product could save you. Optimizing just a few listings could lead to tens or even hundreds of extra sales, making this easily worth $20+ per month on its own.

Inventory Protector

Running promotional campaigns is a tried and true method of boosting your listing up the rankings, but there has always been a big problem – limiting how many units you give away.

There are always people on the lookout to take advantage of generous offers and unless you keep a close eye on things, a giveaway you had planned to be limited in quantity can eat through a large chunk of your inventory.

This problem is exactly what the Inventory Protector in Helium 10 aims to solve. Inventory Protector plugs straight into your Amazon account via the Amazon API and keeps track of your inventory. It allows you to set hard limits, preventing someone from cleaning out your inventory during promotions.

The tool itself is intuitive and easy to use, once you get it linked up with your account. It is such a simple thing, but I no longer run a campaign without Inventory Protector (or a similar tool) keeping an eye on things for me and the value of this is immeasurable. I would pay $10 a month for this software on its own, so that fact that it is included in the Helium 10 suite is a real bonus.

Refund Genie

Amazon loves to make the lives of people all around the world easier. Well that is, unless they owe you money in some way, in which case they make your life much more difficult. 😉

As any experienced Amazon FBA seller knows, items get lost or damaged from time to time in Amazon’s warehouses. When this happens, you are due a refund from Amazon, but this process is notoriously hard to navigate and most importantly, Amazon won’t come and tell you that they owe you money.

Instead, you have to look into this yourself and that is exactly the process that Refund Genie automates for you. This tool, which plugs directly into your account via Amazon’s API identifies any refunds owed to you and then generates all the details you need to submit your refund request to Amazon.

This tool is a legitimate timesaver and unlike other automated refund tools for Amazon, does not take a percentage cut on the refunds. You probably didn’t know you needed this particular piece of software, but once you start using it you will never want to be without it again.

Specialized software for this purpose can be worth as much as $20 or even $30 a month, or if it is cheaper, will want a cut of your refunds as a commission! I am so happy to see Refund Genie included as a standard part of Helium 10 and have no doubt it will save you loads of money in the long run.

Misspellinator (Misspellings Checker)

Helium 10’s misspelling checker for keywords, called Misspellinator, is another handy tool for beefing out your keyword list, but like some of the other functions detailed above, I can’t help but think it could have been incorporated into one of the other keyword tools in the software suite. Then again, maybe there are people out there who prefer the simplicity of single purpose tools like Misspelinator.

The main idea behind Misspellinator is to give you a list of common misspellings of your target keyword so they can be incorporated into your listings and help you boost your sales. When you enter the software, all you need to do is enter your original keywords on the left and the hit ‘Prepare’:

Misspellinator feature

Once that is done, you will get a list of the most common misspellings, as shown here with my example ‘garlic press’ keyword:

misspellings found

Now on first glance, ‘galic’ is a real winner, but as you will see in the far right column, Amazon autocorrects this word, making it far less useful as a keyword variant. In fact, I find fewer and fewer opportunities to leverage misspellings in general, but for the ones still out there, Misspellinator will definitely find them.

A feature like this is without a doubt valuable to any serious Amazon seller and even though it is a minor feature that could potentially be incorporated into another Helium 10 tool, it is easily worth $10 a month.


It is a sad reality that there are people out there looking to make a quick buck at the expense of others and, as controlled an environment as the Amazon Marketplace is, there are still plenty of opportunities for fraudsters.

Unless you keep a close eye on things, your listings can be hijacked, or have fraudulent products sold under your ASIN, which devalues your brand and steals your profits.

Especially if you have a large number of products, it is almost impossible to keep track of them all on a regular basis, which is why Helium 10 came up with their Alerts software to automate the previously time consuming task.

Although you can manually import your ASIN’s, it is far easier to link up Alerts directly to your seller account via the Amazon API. Once alerts is set up, it automatically tracks your products and alerts you to any changes or fraudulent products. This is done in real time, around the clock and Alerts even send you daily screenshots of your listings for your own peace of mind.

I am convinced that every serious Amazon seller should have this software. What price would you pay for peace of mind like this? $10, $20 or even $30? I know people with large stores who have had assistants full time on this job, which can now be done automatically, saving them time and money. And this powerful feature is a standard part of the Helium 10 suite!


The Profits tool, found along the top of your page when you log into Helium 10 is where this software suite moves from a listing builder and manager into a real one-stop Amazon FBA shop.

Helium 10’s Profits gives you a real time view on how your store is performing on key metrics. The first thing you will see when you open profits is the main summary:

Profits feature

Following this are a series of tables and graphs which give a more detailed breakdown into what has contributed to the summary, such as:

  • Best Selling items.
  • Sales Trends.
  • Performance Matrix.
  • Units Sold.
  • Inventory Levels.
  • Net Profit.

All of this information is clearly displayed in graphs or tables and tells you everything you need to know to keep your store ticking along at optimum levels. When I was trialing Helium 10, this was the tab I always kept coming back to – it really was the hub of my store and helped me identify strengths and weaknesses.

However, that is not all. Alongside the Profits summary, you can also keep track of your expenses and refunds using the tab located on the right hand side.

Once you click on ‘Expenses’ you will be given a summary of your expenses to date for the month, as well as the previous months totals as a comparison:

expenses overview

Below, you can see the ‘Refunds’ summary, which helps you keep track of any products that could be duds.

As you can see, it lists individual items in the table below the summary graphs. By clicking on one of the products, you will get a more detailed breakdown of the reported issues and even see the customer comments:

refunds overview

With all of the information available at your fingertips in Profits, you will be able to keep your store running like a dream. On its own, software to help you manage your store like this could be worth as much as $50 a month, which makes its inclusion in the standard Helium 10 suite amazing value.

It will take you some time to get used to all the data available to you, but once you get your head around it you will wonder how you ever did without it.

Follow Up

Automated email funnels are certainly not a new thing and this space is way more competitive than your average Amazon FBA software. The fact that Helium 10 has made a move into automated email funnels speaks to their ambition, but is it too ambitious?

In my opinion after using Follow Up, I say 100% no. While there may be more advanced tools out there for email campaigns, the power of Follow Up is its close integration with the rest of the Helium 10 ecosystem and your seller account via the Amazon API. You could easily spend $30 a month for specialized software in this space and get something with the same functionality as Follow Up, which speaks to the value it brings to the overall Helium 10 suite.

Follow Up allows you to send out automated emails to your Amazon customers at key points during the buying process, which makes it easier to address concerns before they result in bad reviews, or to prompt customers to leave a positive review.

You can use the preset emails available in the software, but in my opinion they are not that well optimized for conversion. If you are serious, you should definitely use your own copy and set up a custom campaign to unlock the full potential of Follow Up.

XRay (The Helium 10 Chrome Extension)

The inclusion of XRay, the Helium 10 Chrome extension, is an obvious shot at replicating the functionality of Jungle Scout.

Some years ago, Chrome extensions were enough for basic Amazon product research, but the whole process has become so much more complex since then that they are like toys compared to the fully featured tools of today.

Your will notice that XRay only does a few simple things like pull ASIN’s, download reviews or check inventory levels. Now while this is useful, it can all be done better with other tools in an easier UI than a browser extension can offer.

You can get XRay with the Helium 10 free account, which to me really shows that this acts as a lead magnet for the full suite of software rather than being super useful on its own merits.

Freedom Ticket (Premium Training)

Freedom Ticket is a well known Amazon training program that Helium 10 have partnered with. With the higher level Helium 10 plans, you get free access to the 8 week course that is touted as ‘the best available Amazon FBA training’.

Now, everyone says their training is the best and the claim that Freedom Ticket, which you get for free with Helium 10 is ‘worth’ $997 is a pretty bold claim. But why look a gift horse in the mouth?

Taking a look at the course outline, it is clearly a decent program for beginners and even some self taught old hands might learn a thing or two. Overall, this seems like a good incentive for beginners to sign up to the premium Helium 10 plans and should help them use the software to its full ability.

Helium 10 Pricing Analysis

Although the functionality of Helium 10 is clearly quite impressive, we all know that decisions like these often come down to hitting that sweet spot between price and performance.

The good news is that Helium 10 seems to be pricing their service quite aggressively, in a bid to stake out some market share for themselves by poaching some people from the entrenched big boys in the market. Let’s take a look at the pricing plans in detail though, so you can see for yourself.

Free Plan

The “best price” is most definitely free and Helium 10 are quite generous to offer a free option so that you can easily try out their software (with limited functionality) with no obligation.

With the free plan you will get:

  • 30 days free use of Scribbles, Frankenstein and Trendster and Profits.
  • 20 uses of Black Box and Keyword Tracker.
  • 2 uses of Magnet2 and Cerebro and Alerts for 2 ASIN’s
  • 50 uses of XRay.
  • 6 uses of index tracker.

Now as you can see, they are not overly generous with the limitations on some of the tools, but we must bear in mind that this is all for the great price of FREE.

The above functionality is more than enough for you to decide on whether or not the Helium 10 software suite is the right fit for you.

Now do keep in mind that this is basically a free trial, rather than a free plan due to the expiry of the main tools after 30 days of usage, so don’t expect to use this free version forever.

Do you want to try out Helium 10 with no obligations right now? Then start the free trial.

Platinum – $97/month or $970/year

The first step up from the free plan is the Platinum plan, which is $97 a month or $970 a year (basically two months free).

This can be a big ask, especially for new sellers, so what do you get for your money on this plan and is it worth it?

With the Platinum plan you will get:

  • Unlimited access to Black Box, Trendster, Magnet2, Inventory Checker, Profits, Refund Genie and Cerebro.
  • Up to 2500 keywords a month on Keyword Tracker.
  • 300 ASIN’s with Alerts.
  • 5000 emails a month with Follow Up.
  • Full use of XRay.
  • Access to the Freedom Ticket training.

The big exclusions from the features in Platinum are Frankenstein and Scribbles, which are not a part of this plan at all. Especially for beginners, this can be a bit of a problem, as I think Scribbles in particular is most useful for those just starting out. You also do not get multi-user access or additional training opportunities, but I don’t see these as being crucial for those just starting out.

Index Checker is also not included, but can be added for $17 a month. I like the fact that you can choose to add it or not and would have liked a similar approach to this with Frankenstein and Scribbles, but I understand they need to leave something to entice people into the higher plans.

Overall, when compared to the other Amazon FBA software suites on the market, the price for Platinum is still more than fair, even with the exclusions and is a great starting point for those with a new store.

Get it for the best price right here.

Diamond – $197/month or $1970/year

The Diamond plan, at $197 a month also has a good discount for the yearly plan which is great for those willing to stump up almost two grand in one go, but might not be ideal for those on a budget.

This plan is more expensive but you will get more for your money, and this is not pitched to casual sellers but instead is aimed at the advanced sellers who likely already use specialized Amazon FBA software tools.

With the Diamond plan you will get:

  • Unlimited access to Black Box, Trendster, Magnet2, Inventory Checker, Profits, Refund Genie, Cerebro, Frankenstein and Scribbles.
  • 300 uses a month of Index Checker.
  • 5000 keywords with Keyword Tracker.
  • 600 ASIN’s with Alerts.
  • Full use of XRay.
  • Multi-user login.
  • Access to Freedom Ticket.

This is the lowest level plan where you can access the full functionality of the Helium 10 suite, although you do still miss out on the premium private trainings, which are only available to the highest tier plan.

For anyone serious about their Amazon FBA store, this will be the plan you end up on sooner or later and for premium sellers, this should be where you start rather than trying to deal with the limited functionality and low limits on the free or Platinum plans.

Are you ready to make the switch to Helium 10 for all of your Amazon research and tracking needs? Find out more about how to start here.

Elite – $397/month (no yearly option)

The Elite package is definitely pricey and while it does come with even more unfettered access to Helium 10, the main selling point is the networking and workshops offered to subscribers.

You will notice that there is no yearly subscription option, which is a little strange to me. Do they not want to offer a discount? Do they not expect people to stay at this level for as long as a year?

If I had the time and resources to go ‘Elite’ then I would probably want just one invoice to deal with for the year, although there is something to be said for spreading costs out. So what can you expect from the most premium Helium 10 plan?

In the Elite plan you will get:

  • Unlimited access to all the tools from the previous level.
  • Full use of XRay.
  • 500 uses a month with Index Checker.
  • 5000 keywords with keyword tracker (no change from previous level).
  • 1000 ASINs with Alerts.
  • 50 000 emails a month with Follow Up.
  • Multi user logins (5 accounts)
  • Access to premium networking and in person events.

As you can see, the biggest differences are the number of emails with Follow Up and the in-person training and networking events. This tells me that the only reason you would upgrade to this level is to attend one of these events or if you need high email volume. This may explain why there is no yearly plan – I expect users would move up to this plan for a month or two as needed, then drop back to Diamond.

For your regular user, this plan is complete overkill. I don’t yet know how valuable the in-person trainings could be, but I doubt they are worth hundreds more per month, especially when you would likely be out thousands more to travel to where they are being held.

However, if you think you are a real power user, then give the Elite plan a try and let us know what you thought of the extra training! You can find the Elite program here.

Follow-Up Booster Plans

If you have ever used mailing list software before, you will know that you can churn out a lot of automated emails fast, which is why a lot of programs, including Helium 10, put hard limits on the number of mails a month you can send.

Frustratingly, accessing more volume can mean upgrading to a higher plan that you didn’t necessarily want or need. Helium 10 has made a good move in this regard by offering top-up plans for Follow Up, which you can see below.

The 5000 email top up is great to get you through till the end of the month, whereas the 50,000 top-up is probably for those who have consistently high volumes they need to plan for. Unlimited is of course an option, but even the most serious seller could struggle to get their moneys worth out of that.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout et al?

As you can see, the pricing structure for this software is quite straightforward, but how exactly does it compare to other products on the market?

The easy comparison is with Jungle Scout, which is the suite of software that Helium 10 most closely competes with. Jungle Scout, with the addition of the Chrome extension, starts at $69 a month and goes as high as $419, if you pay monthly.

This makes Helium 10 more attractive when it comes to monthly pricing, but the big difference is with the yearly plans, where the top Jungle Scout plan can be had for $249 a month, beating the pricing on the high end Helium 10 plan by some margin. However, it must be said that some value should be assigned to the training events the top level Helium 10 membership gives and there is no yearly option for this plan, which seems to indicate that there is not an expectation that a user would permanently keep this level of service.

It is not so easy to compare prices if you look for individual pieces of software to replicate the tasks each part of the Helium 10 suite does. For some, there is simply no direct comparison.

You could, however, easily pay $29 a month for the functionality of the main programs, such as Magnet2, Blackbox, FollowUp and Scribbles and at least $10 if not more for the other pieces of software. There is then the intangible benefit of having all of these programs closely integrated with each other to easily import and export keywords lists and other data.

When this is considered, the value of Helium 10 is immense, even on the highest plans and it would be almost impossible to recreate the same user experience with separate application for the same price.

Another all-in-one software suite would be Sellics (review) but Helium 10 is superior than that, in our opinion.

Our Verdict: The New Must-Have Software For Amazon Sellers?

So the question on everyone’s lips is a simple one: is Helium 10 the new king on the throne when it comes to software for Amazon sellers? Of course, the question may be simple, but the answer is not.

Overall, I have been impressed with the range of functionality available in Helium 10. While it took other tools, like Jungle Scout, years of development to get to where they are, Helium 10 seems to have jumped straight to the front of the pack to play with the big boys.

While I found the tools quite easy to use and intuitive, I do think there are some optimizations that could be made and there is definitely scope for rolling a few tools together to simplify the homepage a little and maybe improve workflows.

This will always be a problem of course when trying to be a one-stop-shop and Helium 10 certainly is trying to do that. Having experienced the software for myself, I could happily switch from the products I use today to Helium 10 with little to no loss of capability.

One thing that does hold me back are reports of inaccuracies or large error margins in some of the results the software gives when compared to market leaders like Jungle Scout. While I did not experience this myself, others have and to be honest, this is what you would expect from a tool that is new to market and it may need a few more updates to be ‘perfect’. I am happy to see there is a strong community and good developer support in place, so I am confident we will see this refinement happen.

On the pricing side, the free plan is a very generous free trial which makes at least trying Helium 10 a very attractive prospect. The other plans are also competitively priced and represent good value for money, with the possible exception of the top tier plan as I simply have no idea of what the in-person workshops are like and whether they are worth the extra money.

If you are ready to dive in to Helium 10 for yourself, then choose from their various plans here, or hold on to your seat for my closing thoughts on this impressive new software.

Should The Giants of Amazon Research Software be Worried?

Should the likes of Jungle Scout be worried about this new kid on the block, Helium 10, with their impressive range of new and exciting features? Ultimately, I don’t think so, but not because Helium 10 is a bad choice – in fact I think it is great.

There are an ever increasing number of Amazon sellers out there who need software solutions and the more options we have, the better.

Of course, this is a new product and the tools in the software suite have not been through the years of refinement that those of popular competitors, such as Jungle Scout, have.

If you find yourself using a lot of different software products for your product research and shop management though, there is clear value in what Helium 10 is offering. Instead of paying for many different products (and dealing with all those invoices every month) you can easily move to Helium 10 for an all-in-one experience.

As your business scales, then you may have a need for more advanced refund or follow-up software, but for your average Amazon FBA store, Helium 10 does the job. You can always move to more specialized and specific software in time when you reach the limits of what Helium 10 can do.

Helium 10 will already have the market leaders looking in their rear view mirrors with a little fear, and for all of us using these programs, this can only be a good thing as it encourages growth and innovation over stagnation.

Innovation is certainly the name of the game when it comes to Helium 10 and if you are tired of the same old options for Amazon research and management software, then give Helium 10 a try. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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