Amazon Seller Hacks – What You Need to Succeed in 2022

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Succeeding as an Amazon professional seller becomes more difficult with each passing year. On the other hand, the rapid growth of the Amazon Marketplace presents an increasingly large opportunity with each passing year. Either way, there’s no denying that the Amazon Marketplace is congested, competitive, and extremely cutthroat.

Selling on Amazon requires careful attention and optimization of every part of your business, from your selling plan to your storage fee to your shipping rates. From sourcing your Amazon product to optimizing your listings to managing your inventory to efficient shipping and fulfillment and more, it all works together to determine your success as a seller. In this article, we’re giving you the tips you need to succeed as an Amazon professional seller. Let’s jump right in.

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Amazon Seller Hacks

Optimize Your Listings

As a seller, your Amazon product listing is essentially the storefront of your individual seller account. Optimizing your listing is not only about appealing to the customers who have chosen to view your product but also about making it more discoverable. In other words, as an Amazon vendor, you want to create a listing that gets found because more views mean more opportunities to make sales.

Optimizing an Amazon store listing can be boiled down to three basic areas:

  • Optimize Product Title: Your product title is very important. First, it gives customers an idea of what your product is or does. Many sellers pack titles with keywords so the title is returned in search results relating to the product. This approach is good, but don’t overdo it to so it isn’t clear what your product is. Make your titles descriptive yet easy to understand.
  • Optimize Product Description: Under your product’s title will be your product’s description. Optimize the description with keywords and phrases that allow Amazon to detect your product in their search engine. Try to think of what customers would search to find your product. Get in their heads, and include keywords that satisfy common search terms. But it isn’t all about keywords. You also need to be sure that your description is well-organized and well-written. An effective description needs to convey the benefits of your product to drive sales.
  • Optimize Product Photos: Taking compelling product photographs is one of the most effective ways to sell your product. We’ve included an entire section on this below.

See our complete listing optimization guide here – it’s the biggest selling “hack” out there.

Price Strategically

Setting your price is crucial to your success as an Amazon seller. Your pricing strategy is going to be very dependent on your level of competition.

If you are selling a product with low barriers to entry (in other words, anyone can sell this product), then your price should be in response to market trends. Don’t try to undercut your direct competition on price by too much. This strategy is temporary and is only sustainable if you have significantly lower expenses. For the most part, it’s a battle you can’t win.

The best way to approach pricing in your Amazon business is to be flexible. Set prices in response to your competition and market trends. Pricing shouldn’t be your primary method of competing because it’s a strategy that is easily replicated.

Instead, focus on pricing consistently and on par with market standards. This method is the most consistent way to be sure that your product will stay competitive and your profit margin will increase.

Product Research to Find Trendy Products

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Of course, before you can focus on how to optimize your selling strategy, you have to decide what you are going to sell in your Amazon store.

As a seller, deciding what to sell should be based on extensive market research. There are many ways to decide what product to sell. Much of it depends on your knowledge of a product’s niche and ability to source or manufacture the product.

Once you meet these logistical issues, you’ll have to perform product research that tells you exactly which products are best to sell. Two methods that are highly effective include:

Search on Amazon: A simple way to see what’s selling is to search Amazon! Search within your niche, and also look at what your competitors are selling. See which products have generated many customer reviews, which is a good indication of how well they’re selling.

Try to choose a product that seems to be selling well, but that isn’t oversaturated. In other words, pick something that isn’t already being sold by too many sellers.

Google Trends: Google Trends is also a powerful tool. With Google Trends, you can monitor Google’s search terms. You can use this data to discover which products are popular within your niche. Google gives you a breakdown of how often people are searching for these terms, giving you an indication of whether they getting more popular with time or seasonally. A great way to uncover potential opportunities.

Take Compelling Photos

Taking compelling photos is one of the most important techniques at your disposal and a necessary part of your professional selling plan. Customers will make purchase decisions based on how a product looks.

Amazon requires that your main product photo clearly shows the entire product and be against a plain, white background. However, you still have considerable influence over the angle and the quality of lighting. Your product needs to look professional and clean. The main photo must clearly attractively show the entire product.

You also have the option of adding secondary photos. These photos should draw attention to more specific benefits associated with the product. You even have the option of labeling these photos to clearly advertise a product’s features and benefits.

Getting and Managing Reviews

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Reviews have a massive influence on how well your product will sell. Simply put, reviews offer customers an objective look at whether your product is worthwhile. Customers trust other customers. More positive reviews give them an immediate validation that your product offers value. On top of this, Amazon will more readily promote a product with good reviews (it will show up higher in search results).

Here’s how to get more positive reviews:

Ask for Reviews: One of the best ways to get more reviews on your product is to ask for them. Amazon prohibits sellers from asking for positive reviews, but there is no rule against asking for reviews in a general sense. Many sellers ship their products with incentives for customers to leave a review. For example, 15% off their next purchase if they leave an unbiased, objective review of their experience.

Early Reviewer Program: Additionally, Amazon now offers an “Early Reviewer Program”. Amazon themselves will help incentivize reviews by offering customers an Amazon gift card in exchange for a review. Sellers sign up for the program, are charged a fee, and Amazon will email past customers at random to become eligible for an Amazon gift card.

Getting a Best Seller Badge

An Amazon Best Seller badge is one of the most sure-fire ways to increase your sales on Amazon. Having a Best Seller badge next to your name signals to customers that your product is legit, giving them the immediate validation they need to increase your seller performance.

Of course, getting a Best Seller badge isn’t so easy. There is a neat hack that has worked for some sellers. The trick is based on an understanding of how Amazon awards the Best Seller badge. It represents the best-selling product in a specific product category. Therefore, if you pick a category that isn’t saturated with competition, your chances of getting a badge increase. If you can find a product within your niche that isn’t flooded with competition, then you’ll give yourself the best chance of getting the all-important Badge.

Use and Study Amazon Retail Analytics

Monitoring analytics is one of the best ways to stay on top of your Amazon orders and to optimize your business going forward. Amazon offers a basic retail analytics plan to all Amazon sellers. There’s also the option to purchase Amazon Retail Analytics Premium – with access to more detailed reports and analysis.

As a seller, you should always monitor your key analytics to stay on top of your individual selling plan and adjust as needed. This way, you can optimize sales, inventory, conversion rates, click-thru rates, and any other metrics relevant to your success.

Foreign Language Keywords

Here’s a cool selling hack – you can optimize your listings for other languages as well. Adding these keywords and search terms to your listings is a great way to ensure that they are returned in search results. These SEO techniques are crucial to success on Amazon.

The fact is that Amazon has a global reach. Many sellers choose to add top keywords in English and major foreign languages (Spanish, French, Japanese, etc.). Be sure to add foreign phrases using proper translation. Make sure it is readable, and that it effectively communicates the value of your product.

Optimize Ads

Amazon ads are a powerful tool. With Amazon ads, you essentially pay to have your product appear at the top of search results. Optimizing your ads is one of the best ways you can find success as an Amazon seller.

Essentially, you want to lower your cost of conversions, which means optimizing how you target your ads, the keywords you are targeting, and who you are targeting. The end goal is to generate the most conversions from the least ad spend.

To calculate the cost of conversions, you need to divide the number of conversions by the amount you spent on the ad. The goal is to increase conversions, so this number becomes as low as possible. These metrics are your key to success, and you need to monitor them closely so you can continue to optimize them going forward.


In this article, we gave you some of our top tips for selling on Amazon. Selling on Amazon is hard work, but the opportunity is there. At the end of the day, seller “hacks” are really just strategies that help your business succeed. There are no shortcuts to success, but there are efficient, effective strategies to pursue. In this article, our intention was to help you discover the best strategic paths for your business to follow. So try out our tips above to start seeing success today!

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