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Top Amazon FBA Forums

Selling on Amazon Marketplace can be a daunting task. Running a successful shop requires constant research, tracking Amazon sales, careful logistics of inventory and shipment, great customer service, and much more. It can all be a lot to take in, especially if you’re just starting out. In this article, we’re going to run through a great resource in the Amazon seller community – Amazon FBA Online Forums. Much like podcasts and conferences, these can be invaluable in helping you get started and answering any ongoing questions that you’re sure to have. We’re going to give our pick for the best forums to receive advice, tips, strategy, and more.

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What is an Amazon Seller Forum and Why is it Important?

Firstly, what exactly is an Amazon seller forum? If you’re an e-commerce seller that’s new to Amazon Marketplace, you might not even know what these are, and why they can be so helpful to an Amazon sales and business. Basically, Amazon seller forums are websites dedicated to the discussion of Amazon sales. These forums provide a platform for Amazon third party sellers to congregate and share experiences, ask questions, give advice, and strategize for the future.

You can engage with other sellers on these forums, and can seek advice or meet new people. Each forum is typically congregated on a specific niche within Amazon selling (such as FBA, Amazon selling, or the Amazon platform in general).

As a seller, you should be aware of forums so that you have a place to go for advice, or to stay up to date with all the current trends.

Top Amazon FBA Forums

In this section, we’re running you through the top Amazon seller forums. We’ve done our best to include forums that cover all different niches, so that there’s something for everyone here. We’ll list the forum, give a brief description, and explain who it is best for.

1. Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Seller Central Forum

Amazon Seller Central is one of the most popular Amazon Seller Forums. It is the official forum of Amazon itself. On the main page, you will find all sorts of different categories that focus on different areas of Amazon, and different seller-related categories. Each category contains various discussion boards which were started by users, and experienced sellers can offer their input and suggestions.

Because this is located on the official Amazon website, it has a high-degree of traffic, and you can expect your questions to be answered promptly and accurately. Users have the opportunity to “heart” each response, which essentially rates the quality of the reply.

2. Amazon Sellers

This Amazon Forum is actually a Facebook group. If you are most familiar with the Facebook platform, this might be the forum for you. This is a large Facebook group (60K+ members), and is open to anyone who is selling, or planning to sell on Amazon. This is simply a support forum, meant for users to discuss any questions, concerns, updates, or advice which relates to selling on Amazon. Self-promotion is prohibited, so you don’t have to worry about quality of discussion.

3. Reddit r/AmazonSeller

Resource for Amazon Sellers on Reddit

This is an online forum hosted by Reddit, which is itself a large, online community. This particular subreddit is dedicated to discussion surrounding all things Amazon selling. There are over 10K users on this forum, and discussion is to be limited to resources and support. This means that any self-promotion activities or links are banned. There are frequent threads which cover advice, questions from the community, tutorials, software updates, and more. The moderators of the Subreddit actively ensure that no one is posting anything that doesn’t meet the submission guidelines.

4. eCommerce Fuel

Here’s a resource that is specifically designed for successful Amazon sellers. The eCommerce Fuel forums have stringent guidelines for admission. You must verify that you already run a high-revenue Amazon store. This means that it is a valuable forum for sharing experience and networking with high-achieving Amazon sellers. If you can join this elite community, there are valuable insights to be had.

5. Digital Point eCommerce

Here’s another basic message board which is quite active. It’s been in use for many years, and Digital Point’s eCommerce forum covers many topics as they relate to selling on Amazon. Anyone with an account is free to post here, and each topic is guaranteed to be seen by many users. This forum is frequented by many Amazon sellers, which is really the main consideration that makes any online discussion board worthwhile. Users can receive “Likes” for their responses, which helps to verify which users are giving good advice.

6. FBA Today (Amazon Selling)

FBA Today Facebook group

Here’s another Facebook group, but this one narrows in specifically on FBA selling for Amazon. The group is quite large and active, with nearly 50K members! The aim of this group is to help sellers with their FBA business. It is not meant as a self-promotion group, and anyone caught doing so will be banned from the group.

If you’re an FBA seller, you’ll likely find this group to be incredibly worthwhile. Facebook is a great platform for seller advice because it is such a massive website, with so many active users. As a result, Facebook groups might be the best place to find Amazon selling communities.

7. Reddit r/FulfillmentbyAmazon

We know this list has been heavy on Reddit and Facebook so far. But to find quality online forums, you have to go where the people are, and there’s no denying that Facebook and Reddit are two of the most popular online discussion platforms today. The subreddit dedicated to Amazon FBA has close to 65K members. It claims to be a subreddit dedicated to “high level discussion about selling on Amazon FBA”.

Here you will find many different topics about anything relating to Amazon FBA. Basically all questions that are posted receive an answer, and it attracts many users who are quite experienced as FBA sellers. They even have a Common Questions permalink embedded on the homepage, so that repetitive questions are avoided, and new sellers will have a permanent resource to get them started.

Choosing an Amazon Seller Forum

Focus on User Base

So there you have it, we’ve run you through our top Amazon seller forums on the Internet today. If you noticed, we almost exclusively focused on forums which were highly active, with many daily users and frequent discussions. This ensures that the information shared on these forums is relevant, up-to-date, and seen by experienced Amazon sellers. When it comes to choosing the best Amazon Seller Forum, these are the factors you are looking for.

Pick a Niche

You also want to choose a forum that is best in-line with the niche you have chosen. For example, if you’re pursuing Amazon FBA, you’ll want to frequent the forums which are dedicated to this subject matter. Amazon Seller Central does a great job breaking down their forums by subject area.

Find A Forum with Good Moderation

Another thing that makes a forum stand out is whether or not it is actively moderated. “Moderators” are the users of a forum who monitor the site to remove any topics that don’t fit the forum guidelines. For example, they’ll remove subjects that are off-topic, are spam, are blatant self-promotion, or any other topic that is against the forum guidelines. This helps to keep the forum in line with its original goal, which is usually just to promote discussion and provide accurate advice about a certain topic.

Pick More Than One

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from frequenting more than one forum. Our advice is that you find the forums most relevant to your area of online business, set a bookmark, and make it a point to visit them routinely. These forums are often where you’ll discover changes to Amazon’s platform, new tips and tricks for success, and industry trends and shifts to monitor. Good business requires effective research and constant adaptation, and what better way to do this than to engage with other sellers on a regular basis?


Thanks so much for reading our guide to the top Amazon seller forums. We think you’ll be more than happy with any option on our list, but you need to find the forum most suited to your particular area of Amazon selling. We gave you enough options to find the forums most relevant to your expertise, and we hope you enjoy digging through these forums to stay on top of the Amazon seller market!



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