The Top Must-Attend Amazon FBA Conferences Happening This Year

Running an Amazon business isn’t just about hard work and dedication. With the emerging trends and advancements happening within the ecommerce industry at such a fast pace, you’ll need to take the necessary steps to continuously educate yourself and build relationships with the right people.

All these are necessary if you want to stay ahead of the competition and one of the best ways to do this is by attending conferences made specifically for an Amazon seller like you.

Whether you’re a new seller trying to learn the ropes or a seasoned veteran with years of experience selling products online, the benefits you’re bound to gain from these conferences far outweigh what you wouldn’t by simply learning on your own.

With that said, below are some of the best Amazon FBA conferences you may consider signing up with.

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US Amazon FBA Conferences

1. The Prosper Show

Hosted by renowned small business coach and entrepreneurship guru Michael Gerber, of the “E-Myth” series of books fame, the conference is touted as one of the best for both Amazon sellers and e-commerce professionals.

With trade shows and workshops focusing on important subjects like using crowdsourcing for private label brand launches, click funnels for e-commerce sellers, and creating video strategies for Amazon businesses among others, this conference is definitely something you can’t afford to miss.

Held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada, the show features some of the top ex-Amazon leaders and CEOs and aims not only to educate sellers but also to give them access to several of the leading service providers within the Amazon realm.

If you are a new seller who’s looking to grow his or her Amazon business, this conference should be at the top of your list.

2. Sellers Summit

The conference, described by many as “the ultimate learning experience”, aims to teach sellers how to run their e-commerce business successfully through the use of proven practical strategies. Some of these strategies include identifying profitable products and developing blueprints that can scale an Amazon business.

The workshop, held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, markets itself as “not your ordinary feel-good event” because it is purely curriculum-based and caters to both newbies and experienced sellers alike.

Hosted by and the corresponding podcast founder Steve Chou, the workshop also features Jungle Scout CEO, Greg Mercer and boasts of an exclusive mastermind meeting composed of sellers making $250,000 a year, giving attendees the opportunity to learn from successful entrepreneurs and network with them in the process.

Sellers Summit is another can’t-miss conference that should be part of your list.


Considered among the biggest events of its kind, The Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition or IRCE, which is held in Chicago, Illinois, is an excellent choice for Amazon vendors.

The four-day event hosted by Warby Parker co-founder and co-CEO, Dave Gilboa, is open to all businesses regardless of size and platform. It offers tutorials for beginners who are just starting to get a grasp of what it’s like to run an Amazon business.

IRCE also holds panels and workshops that will teach you how to best use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) as well as tactics you can use to improve your Amazon listings.

With in-depth courses designed to take sellers though multiple sessions of information and value, it’s not surprising that IRCE attracts thousands of vendors, exhibitors, and industry experts every year.

4. Midwest E-com Conference

Held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the two-day event aims to help vendors learn new strategies and tactics that will grow their respective businesses as well as understand the rules of selling.

The event is hosted by popular experts like Director of Digital at Atomic Revenue Steph Nissen, Ashlin Hadden Insurance owner Ashlin Hadden, and Travis Barrett.

Midwest E-com Conference offers great learning and networking opportunities by bringing together novice and experienced sellers along with a host of expert speakers who share tremendous value. If you are an e-commerce business owner living near the Minnesota area, this is an event you can’t afford to miss.


If you are in Europe or in the UK, there are also a number of Amazon conferences you can come to. Below are some of them.

1. Manchester Online Seller Conference

Whether you are an online seller for Amazon or any of the other marketplaces and e-commerce websites, the Manchester Online Seller Conference is perfect for you.

The whole-day event, held in Manchester, UK, offers excellent networking opportunities and insights to sellers with ten expert speakers sharing their knowledge about the ins and outs of running an online business.

Held in collaboration with Digitl, the conference is relatively new, having only been around for a few years but with the positive feedback it’s been getting from past attendees, the event has experienced rapid growth and is considered one of the biggest online selling events in the UK today.

2. UK Online Sellers Conference

If you are an Amazon seller, this is definitely a conference you shouldn’t miss because it is the only e-commerce conference in the UK that specifically caters to Amazon vendors.

Designed for both beginners and experienced sellers, the UK Online Sellers Conference comes with a more intimate scale with roughly around 350 attendees and a dozen speakers expected.

The conference is also perfect for businesses who are considering selling internationally and opens up opportunities to forge and build relationships with other businesses.

If you’re looking to scale your Amazon business, you should sign up for this event as early as you can.

3. Savant Events

There’s nothing like learning from the best in the field and this is exactly what Savant Events has to offer. With notable names in the business world as keynote speakers, the annual event is definitely worth every penny.

Past year’s instalments have featured speakers like Picnic CTO Daniel Gebler, Lego Vice President Glenn Abell, and MD Damien Poelhekke.

Held at different locations across Europe, the event focuses on different subjects every year. 2018’s event for example, focused on the digital revolution and customer centricity and was more geared towards advanced players in the e-commerce industry.

4. E-Commerce Berlin Expo

With more than 5000 visitors, 35 expert presentations and 150 exhibitors, E-Commerce Berlin is without a doubt one of the biggest e-commerce conferences in Europe to date.

Held in Berlin, Germany, the event basically puts everything about e-commerce under one roof for an entire day and with notable speakers like Zelando’s Tina Nord, Stefan Blumenthal, and Ben Harmanus among others. E-Commerce Berlin is an absolute must particularly if you are located in Germany or any of its nearby countries.


E-commerce business owners in Asia are not to be left behind because there are also a number of conferences available.

1. Global Sources Summit

Hailed as one of the Top Business Conferences by Forbes, this three-day event held in Hong Kong is best for sellers who are considered to be in the intermediate and advanced levels.

Global Sources Summit offers attendees the opportunity to learn from top-notch speakers, allowing you to walk away with high-quality, actionable tips you can apply in your business.

It also provides sellers the opportunity to network with other Amazon and e-commerce sellers especially with its evening networking gala which was designed specifically for that purpose.

Lastly, the conference gives sellers the opportunity to meet thousands of suppliers from China who can potentially help with sourcing your next best-seller, with the event’s co-located shows: Global Sources Lifestyle and Global Sources Fashion.

2. FBA4U (Amazon Asia Seller’s Meetup)

Amazon Asia Seller’s Meetup brings together Amazon sellers from across Asia. This “world famous” meetup is free and is considered to be one of the premiere networking events for Amazon sellers located in the Asian region.

The event has grown over the past few years, from a small group of people to a massive 400 plus attendee gathering, attracting some of the top e-commerce entrepreneurs in the process.

FBA4U is more of a casual get together among e-commerce entrepreneurs where they can discuss and share the latest strategies and tactics that are working for each of their respective businesses.


Networking and building relationships is without a question, one of the best ways to grow an e-commerce business, FBA or otherwise. While the conferences mentioned impart a ton of knowledge about the techniques and strategies involved in growing an e-commerce business, getting to rub shoulders with some of the industry’s top names is an experience every entrepreneur should take full advantage of, in and of itself.

Step out of your home office, get off the seller forums and start signing up for the conferences to be held near you. Go out there and network because the first-hand knowledge you’ll get from fellow entrepreneurs is priceless.



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