7 of the Best Podcasts for Amazon Sellers

When you’re always on the go but your willingness to learn is pushing you to educate yourself, combing through countless articles and forums will simply not get the job done, especially when you are an Amazon seller.

If you’re new to the game, you’ll need to do a lot of reading about the best practices and experiences of successful brands that came before you. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the time and availability. The good news is there are podcasts dedicated to Amazon sellers that you can listen to in lieu of blog posts and eBooks.

We’ve listed some of the best podcasts available today so you can check them out. Whether you’re on the bus, on the train, or out grocery shopping, learning about the ins and outs of selling on Amazon will no longer be a problem.

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Podcasts You Should Check Out

1. The Amazing Seller

Whether you are a total beginner or an expert seller, you’ll find this podcast worth listening because of the in-depth discussions that goes on about the intricacies of selling on Amazon.

Created and hosted by photographer and entrepreneur Scott Voelker, the podcast deals with a variety of topics. From keyword tracking to product sourcing and just about anything that has something to do with finding success selling on Amazon, this popular podcast with will surely provide you all the answers to your lingering Amazon-related questions.

If you’re looking for more than just a few tips and tricks and prefer the more in-depth analysis style, The Amazing Seller is definitely for you.

2. The Ask Jordan Podcast

One of the major considerations we have when we look for advice is the expertise and the reputation of the person we’re going to ask. If this is important to you, The Ask Jordan podcast is your best choice.

The show is hosted by no less than best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, and Award-winning Amazon Merchant Jordan Malik who has been interviewed by mainstream media outlets like The Time, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, and several other entrepreneurial podcasts and publications.

What makes this podcast worth listening is the fact that it’s based on real questions from the podcast’s listeners. Though relatively short, the episodes are value-packed considering how Jordan efficiently answers the questions thrown at him.

If you’re more into finding quick and direct answers, this podcast suits you best.

3. My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast

The title alone says it all and if you are tired of the 9-to-5 and looking at your Amazon business to give you that fallback you need so you can finally quit your day job, then this podcast should be on your list.

Hosted by Steve Chou, the show got its name from Steve and his wife’s experience that led them to successfully run an online store. Unhappy about their jobs and surprised by the news that they’re having a baby, Steve’s wife made the bold move of quitting her job and starting their own online store, Bumblebee Linens.

The risk was all worth it because apart from operating an Amazon business, Steve now runs a website, this popular podcast that aspiring online store owners love to listen to, as well as hosting one of the most popular seller conferences each year, the Sellers Summit.

Though the podcast is not exclusive to Amazon, there’s still a lot to learn from each episode especially since all of their guests built their online empires from the ground up. If you’re just starting out and you’re looking for inspiration, this podcast should be a good start.

4. Private Label Movement Podcast

Expert opinions do matter and if it’s an expert you’re looking for, Kevin Rizer is your guy. A self-made man with impressive credentials, Kevin is considered to be one of the most respected and influential Amazon FBA selling professionals today.

What makes the show so appealing to its fan base is the way Kevin conducts his interviews. He’s not afraid to ask the silliest questions as long as his listeners get the answers they’re looking for.

As an added bonus, Kevin’s Private Labelling for Dummies series is simply awesome. It’s a brilliant way of introducing new sellers to the world of online selling.

Suffice to say, listening to this podcast will give you lots of takeaways that you’ll find useful in building your online empire.

5. FBA Journey

There’s no better way to learn than through successful people’s mistakes and if you live by that principle, FBA Journey is the podcast specifically made for you.

Hosted by R.C. Rice who clawed her way to the top to become a well-rounded seller, the show is perfect for new sellers who are just starting out.

By learning from Rice’s mistakes, listeners are able to get first-hand information on Rice’s vast experience from being a total newbie back in 2014 to becoming one of the most successful Amazon sellers today. She did all that through trial and error by the way.

If you are an aspiring online seller who have dreams of making it big in the industry someday, make sure to bookmark this podcast and listen to each and every one of its episodes.

6. The Smart Online Seller

If it’s learning and education you’re after, The Smart Online Seller is the podcast you’re looking for largely because of its host, Justin Balk.

Justin has made a name for himself because of his ingenuity, creativity and street smarts. His knowledge of all the aspects and areas involved in online selling is unquestionable once you get to listen to him talk.

The podcast provides a ton of marketing tips through its interviews with various Amazon and private label sellers who have successfully created a thriving business via their respective online stores.

The show is packed with insider tips that covers a variety of topics that includes Amazon PPC strategies, Amazon SEO, retail arbitrage, product research, and drop shipping among others.

If you’re hungry for tips you can use on your own business, this is the kind of podcast you’re looking for.

7. Keyword: The Amazon Insider Podcast

The show prides itself as the only podcast to feature former and current Amazon employees, giving you a glimpse inside the walls of the Tech Giant.

Hosted by former broadcast reporter Kate Valentine, the show is considered one of the most objective podcasts to date with its lack of self-serving agenda other than making people understand how Amazon works and how sellers can grow their businesses with that knowledge.

Authoritative and detail-oriented, the podcast provides some of the most accurate information that sellers can benefit from. After all, who better to get your data from than the people who work for Amazon itself, don’t you think?

Other Resources

A podcast is one of modern technology’s greatest gifts not only because of their entertainment value, but also because of the volume of knowledge you can gather just by listening to a single episode of each of the shows mentioned above.

It is true that time is of the essence and when reading is not possible, listening will always be a great alternative. Don’t let those long hours of traffic easily go to waste. Download a podcast app and subscribe to each of these podcasts. Turn your daily commute to the office into a daily education on Amazon selling.



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