Can Jungle Scout Help You Uncover Hidden Amazon Gold Mines?

Jungle Scout is one of, if not the research software designed to help you find Amazon niche products to sell and evaluate their potential.

Like many ventures, finding the right niche and product to sell is arguably the most important factor for determining your success and this holds especially true for building an Amazon FBA empire.

So can Jungle Scout help you find these hidden gems or are you better off doing it by yourself? What’s the difference between the Jungle Scout web app and the Google Chrome extension? And are there any better or free alternatives?

All these questions will be answered in this deep dive overview and review of Jungle Scout.

Let’s get to it:

Jungle Scout Review

First of all, do you even need a service like Jungle Scout to perform product research?

Unless you’re lucky, frankly, these days it’s almost impossible to find quality niche products without a tool like Jungle Scout or similar software.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be done, of course, but it would be like trying to find gold without a metal detector; you’d be in the dirt digging for hours each day for weeks, without knowing if you will find anything.

Someone using a metal detector can cover more ground and find more gold much faster, and with a lot less work.

Metaphorically speaking, without software like Jungle Scout, it will take significantly more time to research and find the “gold” that is potential Amazon product ideas. And even after coming up with ideas, you would still be largely uncertain about the potential profitability and chances of success without some sort of analysis software.

Amazon FBA requires more money to get started than business models like drop shipping, kindle publishing or other ways to make money online, so it makes a lot of sense to invest a little bit of money in tools and software for research before risking a large amount of capital on an Amazon product. You need to get this part right.

I think you would struggle to find a successful Amazon product without software like Jungle Scout these days and it will certainly drastically improve your chances of finding a niche. The time and cost savings alone are definitely worth it.

The Jungle Scout Web App Vs Chrome Extension

The first thing you’ll probably be aware of is that Jungle Scout has a website subscription and then also a Google Chrome web extension. Many people are confused about the differences between the two, and whether or not you need both to perform solid research.

So let’s clear up any confusion:

The Jungle Scout website is a monthly subscription for access to the web application with a range of features primarily to help you find Amazon products.

The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is an extension that installs on your web browser and helps you evaluate products and keywords that you have found.

The Chrome Extension has an annual fee and is designed to be used when you’re running searches on Amazon but it can’t find you niche products you’re not already aware of. There is a Lite version and the Jungle Scout Pro version of the extension which includes some additional options (see Lite vs Pro for a breakdown).

The Web App allows you to search for and find niches; the Chrome Extension allows to evaluate products, niches and search terms. They have different purposes.

So which one should you get?

If you are looking to get niche ideas and find potential Amazon products then you will need the web app. Then once you have a list of product ideas or keywords to search for, a tool like the Chrome Extension will help you evaluate them in more detail.

It is honestly helpful to have both if you are serious about finding and properly evaluating Amazon products, however, if you have the Standard or Business subscription of the web app then you may be able to forego the Chrome Extension as those plans include additional features, which we’ll cover below.

There are also some Jungle Scout free alternatives to the Chrome Extension which may provide enough information for you but you do arguably “get what you pay for”. See Jungle Scout vs Unicorn Smasher.

The company behind JS also have other products such as Jump Send and Fetcher, which have different purposes.

Jungle Scout Features

The main features in the Jungle Scout web app are the:

  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Niche Hunter
  • Keyword Scout

We’ll cover each of these features below along with some screenshots showing how they work.

Product Database

The Jungle Scout Product Database allows you to search through a database of tens of thousands of products to find potential items to sell.

You can filter products by star rating, the number of sales, revenue and a range of other factors. These filters allow you to find products on Amazon that fit a certain criteria, and you can generate large lists of potential products from what you find. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to find products to sell on Amazon.

The Product Database has products from almost all the major Amazon marketplaces including the USA, Canada, UK, India and the major Amazon markets in Europe. After selecting a marketplace, you can filter by categories to narrow down your search.

After selecting the categories you want to find products for, you can then apply a range of filters including price, estimated sales, estimated revenue and more.

The Product Database allows you to filter by standard or oversize products and select either FBA or FBM, or whether Amazon is selling the product:

Below is an example of some filters that I have applied to find products. I have excluded books, CDs, video games and other categories that will not provide good Amazon FBA products to sell, and I’ve also applied filters to look for products above $20 but below $50, to ensure there is enough profit margin while not being too expensive.

Other requirements applied with the filters are that the product is selling over 200 units a month, has less than 40 reviews and the star rating is less than 4.2 stars.

Note: Star rating is rounded up or down, so a star rating of 4.3 will show as 4.5 stars however a rating of 4.2 will show as 4.

After applying these filters, the Jungle Scout Product Database returns 3,719 results:

The results show a range of information about each product that can be easily sorted, and provides more detail to help you make a decision about which product to sell on Amazon.

An example of the first result displayed is below:

Product Tracker

The Jungle Scout Product Tracker allows you to track accurate sales data, inventory levels and Best Seller Ranking (BSR) of products.

Once you’ve found a product using the Product Database, you can examine it further using the Product Tracker and get a better idea of the competition and how much they are actually selling.

Here’s an example of the information the Product Tracker shows:

In the above image, you can see the inventory levels decreasing, the units sold and the BSR of the product.

On the side of the Product Tracker there is additional information about the product such as weight, size, net fees, sellers and reviews, like this:

Niche Hunter (Only available on Standard and Business plans)

The Jungle Scout Niche Hunter tool is a more advanced tool for finding Amazon niche products. It allows you to search by keywords and evaluates competitor listings, providing easy to read and understand ways to determine the opportunity for a product or keyword.

According to Jungle Scout, Niche Hunter “…maximizes speed, efficiency, and execution in a way that is so simple that one could theoretically launch dozens of products in a year once the process is streamlined.”

When I first signed up to Jungle Scout, I subscribed to the Standard plan and since I was already using the Chrome Extension, I didn’t initially find the Niche Hunter tool very useful. I didn’t find it particularly intuitive but in hindsight, this was mainly because I didn’t watch any of the tutorials on how to use the tool. I like to figure things out for myself!

After I actually learnt how to use Jungle Scout Niche Hunter I found it very helpful for quickly doing Amazon product research.

The Chrome Extension and other web app features are more intuitive, easy to use and understand whereas Niche Hunter has more of a learning curve and takes time to understand how to use it and the results.

Niche Hunter looks very similar to the Product Database tool. You can select the marketplace and category to search for a product as shown below:

The Niche Hunter tool has different attributes to filter by. There are similar ones such as units sold and price, however, there are attributes such as competition, listing quality score and opportunity score. These are based on Jungle Scouts algorithm that evaluates competitor listings and determines whether launching a given product provides a good opportunity or not.

After running a search with some basic attributes selected, the results show:

  • The keywords searched for
  • The average price of products for that keyword
  • The category
  • Average units sold
  • Competition
  • Listing quality score
  • Opportunity score

Here’s an example of the results generated:

The results for each keyword can be further expanded to display the top listing results for the keyword search along with details about each product.

On the side of the expanded product results are the search volume over time and an evaluation with some tips about the product niche. An example of this is below:

Niche Hunter provides a lot of useful information for keywords and products, however it can be a bit overwhelming at first. There are several training videos about how to use the niche hunter so it’s worth watching these first and taking the time to learn how to get the most out of this tool. 

Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout is the newest feature introduced into the Web App.

This keyword tool allows you to:

  • Discover niche keywords that real Amazon shoppers are searching for
  • Determine the demand for keywords
  • Get REAL Amazon search volume for keywords
  • Understand the relevancy of the keywords to your product
  • Obtain accurate suggestions for the amount to bid on Amazon PPC ads for each keyword
  • Save money on PPC campaigns
  • Get estimates for the amount of products to give away in product promotions to rank for keywords
  • Rank your Amazon products faster for target keywords

To use Keyword Scout, you can enter a keyword or an ASIN for an existing Amazon product.

In the example below, I typed in “yoga mat”:

Keyword Scout then returns a summary for the keyword with exact search volume, broad search volume, the recommended number of giveaways, the relevancy of the keyword to the product and PPC bid amounts.

Keyword Scout then also returns keyword suggestions and related keywords that Amazon shoppers are searching for. This helps you find niche keywords with less competition to help rank your products faster and get more sales.

You get all the information mentioned earlier for these keywords as well, everything from search volume to PPC bid amounts.

The image below shows some keyword examples that Keyword Scout listed based on the main “yoga mat” search term:

Keyword Scout is arguably the best Amazon keyword tool available, and is included in all Jungle Scout Web App plans.

So, Which Jungle Scout Web App Plan to Purchase?

The Jungle Scout Web App has three plans: Start Up, Standard and Business. We’ll cover the plans, the features and the difference between them to help you decide which plan is right for you.

Start Up Plan – $39 a month

The Start Up plan doesn’t provide you with the Niche Hunter tool and has a 40 product limit. It also only allows 1 user on the account.

You’ll find that the 40 product limit on the Start Up plan isn’t really enough to keep track of potential products when doing your initial research, as you’ll come across a lot of promising ideas. With this in mind, If you choose the Start Up plan, you will need to set up your own spreadsheet to keep track of your potential products.

With the Start Up plan, you will also need to use the Chrome Extension or a similar external software to assist with product research. Once you have found the initial products using the web app, in lieu of the Niche Hunter software, a tool like the Chrome Extension provides much greater detail on products to make a more informed decision about which ones to pursue.

The 1 user limit is not a big deal as most people will be using the software themselves, however, if you plan on sharing the account with a friend to save money then you may want to consider the Standard Plan as it gives you an extra user on the account.

If you feel you don’t need the Niche Hunter and you’re happy to manually keep track of products in a spreadsheet, then the Start Up plan might be fine for you.

If you don’t want to purchase the Chrome Extension, one such Jungle Scout alternative would be the free Unicorn Smasher tool but be aware that this will take more time and free tools may not be as accurate as paid software.

Recommendation if subscribing to the Start Up plan:

Purchase the Chrome Extension as well and combine the web app and Chrome Extension with a spreadsheet to keep track of products.

Standard Plan – $69 a month – Recommended

The Standard plan is the recommended plan as it gets you the Niche Hunter and the ability to track more products (80).

Niche Hunter is an incredibly useful tool for finding a product, however, as mentioned previously it is complicated so take the time to learn how to use it. It’s worth it.

When first doing your product research, you will find a lot of potential products quickly. I found that within the first day of using Jungle Scout I had already reached my 80 product limit.

Jungle Scout allows you to create tabs within the web app to group products so I grouped products based on potential and competition, then deleted products with low potential to stay within the 80 product limit.

The Standard plan is a good option when you are doing your initial product research as you’ll find the Niche Hunter and higher product limit help find and filter products faster.

You’ll have to decide for yourself but I think the Standard plan is worth the extra cost at the start as it saves time performing initial product research. The 80 product limit is easy to reach however it’s a reasonable limit to maintain by deleting products that show little potential.

With the Standard plan, the Niche Hunter tool provides similar data to the Chrome Extension so you may not need the Chrome Extension if you’re subscribed to this plan.

Recommendation if subscribing to the Standard plan:

Learn how to use the Niche Hunter tool and spend time understanding how that works.

Delete tracked products that have little potential to stay under the 80 product limit.

Business Plan – $99 a month

The only difference between the Business plan and the Standard plan is that the Business plan allows you to track 150 products and have 5 users on the same account.

The increased limit to track additional products is definitely useful. If you have a VA and outsource the product research then the 150 product limit is a good way to research a lot of products quickly.

The higher limit of 5 user is also good if you are sharing your account with other people, naturally.

The higher product limit on the Business plan might be a good option for you to speed up initial product research, however, I don’t think the Business plan is required for most people and the Standard plan will be fine.

Recommendation if subscribing to the Business plan:

Learn how to use the Niche Hunter tool to get the most out of it.

If you have the money and inclination, outsource the product research process to a VA to find a lot of products quickly with little time and effort required.

Final Thoughts…

Hopefully you found this Jungle Scout review helpful. Honestly, Jungle Scout is by far the best software product on the market for Amazon product research today. Not only is the tool incredibly useful but they also have great customer support, training and content around selling on Amazon.

The tool also comes with a 14 day refund policy, so you can effectively get a 2 week Jungle Scout free trial to see if it’s right for you. That’s plenty of time to put it to the test.

As mentioned at the beginning of this review, finding the right product to sell is arguably the most important factor that will determine your future success on Amazon. Picking the right niche is important no matter what business model you are involved in but it’s especially true for Amazon FBA where you will be ordering inventory upfront; if you pick a product that ultimately doesn’t sell, you could be left with a load of unsold inventory.

Launching a successful Amazon product can have huge upside but it requires finding the right product in a space you can compete it.

Don’t rush or skimp over the product research phase.

I think having software such as Jungle Scout is absolutely essential for finding profitable niche products to sell on Amazon and with it you’ll ultimately increase your chances of finding a winning product.

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