The Best Amazon Landing Page Builders in 2022

Discount promotions are increasingly being used as a way to boost your product listings, as they provide an influx of both sales and reviews which help move your products higher and higher in Amazon’s search rankings.

Some of the biggest challenges of running these sales promotions are how to effectively get your promo codes to your customers in a way that captures some contact information (like an email address) whilst also avoiding having people game your giveaway for their own benefit.

While people previously used simple methods, such as offering a generic coupon code via a Facebook ad, this has a number of flaws and now the best FBA sellers are using custom landing pages for their giveaways, and it is yielding great results. So what is a landing page and how can it help boost your Amazon FBA results?

What is a Landing Page?

If you spend any time at all on the internet, you will have encountered a wide variety of landing pages already. A landing page is usually the focus point of an advertising campaign – the place where all those who engage with the ad are directed.

So in essence it is a custom webpage, designed with the sole purpose of converting those views into a sale. Alternatively, it can be used to gather contact information and ‘build a list’ as the first step in a longer sales funnel. So what is it that makes the use of custom landing pages so important for Amazon sellers?

How Does a Landing Page Help Boost Your Sales?

Creating a landing page may seem like a simple duplication of your Amazon listing, but it actually serves a very different purpose.

A custom landing page receives the traffic from your external promotion activities, such as social media advertisements, and typically provides the customer with a secure single use promotional code for your product on Amazon in exchange for them providing some contact information. Directing all of your marketing traffic through a landing page is a great way to gather data about your customers and have the chance to promote your product to them multiple times in the future, potentially boosting your sales.

The challenges for many Amazon sellers is building these landing pages. As an FBA seller you may be a product sourcing and research pro and you probably know your way around the Amazon algorithm, but creating a well converting landing page is not in your skillset.

It is for this reason that a number of software services that create landing pages for you have emerged, all promising to simplify the process and make your life easier. But these are not always cheap, so how can the average FBA seller figure out which Amazon landing page software is the best?

In this review, we will look at the most popular Amazon landing page software with a critical eye and help you to decide which one makes sense for you, depending on your situation. Before we get into the nitty gritty of landing page software though, let’s quickly look at the recent changes to Amazon’s terms of service and how they might affect your upcoming promotional campaigns.

Amazon Has Changed Their TOS: What Does That Mean For You?

In all honesty, the use of promotions, especially giveaways, used to be a bit of a ‘wild west’ tactic. Previous services that would allow you to trade coupons for a free product directly in exchange for a review were quite popular with sellers as a way to boost listings, even though this was a little bit of a grey area as it was clearly manipulation rather than organic .

I talk about all this in the past tense, because under increasing pressure to ensure legitimate reviews on their site, Amazon closed this loophole in their community guidelines by forbidding the practice of giveaways for reviews.

This has limited the options for sellers needing reviews on a new product. As you can imagine, it was easy to sell items that were free. Nowadays you can still offer discounts, but not freebies and you definitely cannot directly ask for reviews in return, which makes it a lot harder to convert browsers to buyers and then buyers into reviewers.

These changes add a greater imperative to using your own landing pages for promotions. With your own landing page, you have more chances to convert a customer and you will also have the contact details necessary to put them into your sales funnel for future sales, or to request a review of the product.

What this change also highlights is the need to have access to your customers outside of the Amazon ecosystem to limit the impact of policy revisions like this. In order to build your own list and have a higher degree of control over your promotions, you should use one of the recommended pieces of landing page software from this review.

A Roundup Of The Best Amazon Landing Page Software in 2022

Unlike research software, there are not a whole lot of players who have landing page software targeted specifically at Amazon sellers, which makes the job of a comprehensive roundup not too daunting.

In the following review, I will give you a brief overview of each landing page software including the pros, cons and pricing before looking at who is likely to get the best value from the software. At the end, we will crown an overall winner based on our own experience and opinion.

Each of the following software is functional as a landing page builder for Amazon sellers, but have their own specific strengths and are better for different types of users. Now, let’s get started and find the best landing page software for you!

1. Landing Cube

Landing Cube is one of the most well known landing page builders for sellers and is trying to position itself as a market leader in this field. It does everything you would want from a landing page generator and a little more. Read our full review here.

Not only do they have a range of interesting templates for your landing pages, Landing Cube also integrates well with well known email providers and Facebook chatbots. This allows you to manage your customer details and follow ups in one convenient place.


Landing Cube is priced to sell, with a $15 a month beginner level (billed annually), a $30 a month full time seller level and a $60 a month large business plan. There is also a 30 day free trial to help you decide if it is the software for you before committing to an annual plan.

The $15 plan is quite limiting, offering only two promotions and no advanced features, meaning anyone who is serious really needs to fork out for one of the higher level plans to get any real use from the software.


  • Generous 21 day free trial.
  • The landing page builder is very easy to use and even those with no experience or flair for design can create a good looking landing page in minutes, using the newly added templates.
  • There is a BIG discount on yearly plans which is great for those willing to commit long term.
  • Has a simple method for capturing emails in exchange for coupon codes and integrates with well known email marketing tools like MailChimp.
  • Good integration with Google Ads and the Facebook Pixel Tracker.
  • Helps you easily create and track single use promotional codes.
  • Now has a 2-step URL generator to replicate organic traffic to your Amazon listing.
  • The Landing Cube Academy is a great resource for beginners and pros alike and has some great strategies for converting paid traffic.
  • Works with all international Amazon stores.


  • More advanced users will find the options in the landing page templates limiting.
  • Only offers promo codes as a lead magnet for customers, which does limit your avenues for engagement.
  • Very limited basic plan, forcing any reasonably serious seller to go for the $30 or $60 plans.
  • The monthly cost is significantly more than the discounted yearly plans and is not particularly competitive.
  • Lower level plans ‘brand’ your landing pages.

Who Is Landing Cube Best For?

Landing Cube does what it says on the box and gives you an easy introduction to building landing pages and managing Amazon coupon promotions.

The features and price are great for beginners and it is a leading choice for someone with limited experience in this space due to the educational materials also available to subscribers.

In particular, the Landing Cube Academy is a great resource for those with no experience in converting paid traffic and will really help you make the most of your advertising spend and new landing page.

However, those who learn quickly or are already advanced will find the limitations of Landing Cube problematic. Also, while the basic plan is a great price and product for beginners, the higher level plans needed by bigger sellers are not as competitively priced. I would like to see Landing Cube offer a much cheaper monthly option on their low level monthly plans to help out those starting out on a low budget.

Are you a new seller looking to build your first landing pages? If so, Landing Cube could be the best tool for you and you can try it now with the generous 21 day free trial.

2. AMZ Promoter

If you visit AMZ Promoter’s website directly after visiting Landing Cube then you will be struck by the similarity in their sites and this similarity extends to their product offering as well.

AMZ Promoter gives you templates for your landing pages, that make them easy to design and then give you a variety of options for capturing customer emails and then exporting them to your email system of choice. Where it differs slightly to other offerings at this price point is the ability to integrate with your Amazon seller account with the Amazon API, potentially streamlining your workflow. Read our full review here.


AMZ Promoter is priced slightly higher than its close competitors, with a $19 a month basic plan, $37 ‘essential’ plan and a $74 professional plan. The 14 day free trial is also a little limiting though so they could do with being more generous with this.

These are more expensive than other options, but do offer more functionality in the lower level plans, with the basic plan notably offering 3 campaigns and access to a lot of the other functionality not offered by other platforms at this price point, such as email integration.


  • Allows customized code to be used if you don’t like the landing page template options, or are an advanced user.
  • Competitively priced $25 a month starter plan, with a monthly invoice and a decent sized 25% discount on the yearly plans which makes AMZ Promoter competitive on price.
  • No AMZ Promoter branding on your landing pages, giving a much more professional feel.
  • Easy to use analytics dashboard to help you keep track of your customers and give insight into their behaviours.
  • Support for a wide range of email providers and Facebook chatbot integration.
  • The ability to integrate with your MWS account.
  • Advanced software features that just arent present in some of the other landing page builders.
  • Fewer limitations in the basic account options in terms of the available functionality.


  • The price point is higher than other similar tools, although the increased functionality may be worth it.
  • The number of templates available are quite limited, meaning you will need to learn some code to customize them if you are serious.
  • AMZ Promoter is also limited to only coupon codes as a lead magnet.
  • The 14 day free trial requires your credit card details and is potentially not long enough to fully evaluate the software, or fully run a test campaign.

Who Is AMZ Promoter Best For?

AMZ Promoter definitely makes custom landing pages more accessible for Amazon sellers and is particularly appealing to moderate to advanced users due to the advanced feature set targeting larger, more experienced sellers. It is pricier, but if you will get use out of the more advanced features, the plans still represent good value based on the increased number of inclusions.

Due to the ability to use your own code, there is more headroom for more advanced users to make use of this tool, which means that you can grow into this software more than other options out there. Those that plan to, or already run, paid PPC ads or employ an ads specialist will be the ones to get the most from AMZ Promoter. Less advanced users can still get good value from the software but need to consider if it is the right fit.

If you are a beginner with big aspirations though, then AMZ Promoter might be the best choice for you.

3. ZonPages

ZonPages is a relative newcomer to this space and there is not yet a lot of hype around it. It is clear that the developers have  big ambitions though and they are very active in responding to feedback and making improvements to the service, which is a positive sign.

Although it offers a lot of integrated services, the biggest strength of ZonPages is the ease of creating a page. You can simply use your ASIN number to import all of the information for the landing page from your existing Amazon listing. There are also some great little additions not found in other comparable software, such as the ability to A/B test landing pages.


On the surface, ZonPages appears to be priced similarly to Landing Cube, with a $1, 30 day trial, as well as $19.95, $49.95 and $99.95 plans. The biggest difference comes in at the lowest price point as ZonPages has made the bold move of including unlimited landing pages, unlike others who place low limits.

There are some other restrictions in the basic plan, but by and large you get close to the full functionality of the software at the $19.95 price point, which is great value. It does call into question the value of the higher price points though.

Another key difference is the inclusion of additional marketplaces, which are not included in the plans by default. To access them, you must be on at least the $49.95 plan, where they can be had for $14.95 per marketplace, or on the $99.95 plan for $9.99 per marketplace. This could be a dealbreaker for those operating on multiple international marketplaces, as these costs will quickly add up.


  • One of the easiest ways of making a landing page, with your product ASIN used to import all of your relevant listing details into attractive templates.
  • The ability to A/B test landing pages to test conversion techniques.
  • The ability to run coupon and giveaway pages.
  • Good integration with the Amazon API, that allows you to automate seller emails more effectively.
  • Very competitive pricing for the basic plan, with a lot of inclusions for the price.


  • Although it is just $1, they do charge for the trial.
  • A relatively new software package that is not quite as refined as some long standing competitors.
  • No ability to alter the standard landing page templates with your own code, which could be a problem for power users.
  • Integration with non-US marketplaces comes at a not-insignificant extra price.

Who Is ZonPages Best For?

I really liked ZonPages and think this is a rising star worth keeping a close eye on. The creation of a landing page using this software is about as easy as it gets, which is great for beginners and pros alike. With all the inclusions in the basic package, it is hard to look past ZonPages for value.

Although it is simple enough for beginners, this software is also great for anyone wanting a large number of landing pages for the lowest price, due to the unlimited pages inclusion on all ZonPages plans. Check it out here.

4. Discount Coupon Sender

Discount Coupon Sender is a relative unknown provider in this space, but makes some big promises about helping you manage your giveaways. Even the name signals super niche tool, so if they want to survive, they definitely have to deliver on solid landing pages.

They have all of the landing page construction techniques you would expect, along with the now expected autoresponder integrations. Some interesting features not seem with other landing pages is the ability to show Amazon reviews and embed videos.


The price is almost too good to be true to be honest and I would say this is just a factor of how new the software is. Right now they are trying to capture market share; if the software proves itself, I doubt it will stay at this price for long.

The basic plan starts at just $9.99 a month (or $99 a year) and includes everything you will need to run six landing pages concurrently, with email campaigns. The standard account has all the features of basic, with 30 active pages, plus all of the chat integrations for $18.99 a month. To get access to some customized campaigns and unlimited pages, you will need to fork out for the $37.99 a month premium plan.


  • Amazing value, especially for a yearly subscription with the basic plan.
  • Works on all major Amazon marketplaces without additional charge.
  • Easy to build, drag and drop landing pages with a lot of interesting features like integrated Amazon reviews, videos and countdown timers.
  • Well optimized for tablet and mobile.


  • A very new piece of software that is yet to prove itself within the seller community – it almost feels like it is running as an open beta.
  • Brands landing pages, which can detract from the look and feel of your landing page.

Who Is Discount Coupon Sender Best For?

If you want to create a lot of landing pages for cheap, then it is hard to go past this deal. If you are a beginner on a tight budget, this could be a particularly attractive option. This has potential as a pro level tool, but big sellers probably shouldn’t risk migrating over just yet.

If you want to give this new software a go for yourself, you can get it here.

5. Jungle Scout Launch

Although it is not a standalone landing page product, it would be a crime to leave out Jungle Scout’s Launch tool from this list, as it is a very powerful tool for the promotion of Amazon listings.

Now, Launch does not provide a live landing page, instead you promote your product on the ‘Jump Send Marketplace’, a captive audience of Amazon shoppers in search of coupon deals. Including this tool on a landing page list may seem strange, but at the end of the day it achieves the same goal, just in a slightly different way.

The biggest difference with the other options is that you do not get direct access to buyers email addresses or personal information with Launch. In some ways, this defeats part of the purpose of a landing page, as you cannot build an audience or mailing list that you can communicate with outside of Amazon. Especially with Jump Send, you have no ownership of the audience as it functions as a closed marketplace.

This is undoubtedly a great option to boost sales, but it is not for building an audience. As such, Launch and Jump Send are very much suited to those who want to focus more on the product and listing side of an Amazon FBA business over the direct marketing aspect.


Now before getting sticker shock, you should know that the pricing for Jungle Launch is actually the price for the entire Jungle Scout suite of software which we have reviewed extensively. Even with that considered, this is far from the cheapest option.

Starting at $39 a month (annual billing) for the basic plan, you get the majority of the functionality of the software suite and Jungle Launch, minus the Chrome extension. Now, this is the minimum and it scales based on your monthly orders. With more than 10,001 orders per month, you will be up for a whopping $249 a month.


  • Typical high level of polish we have come to expect from Jungle Scout products.
  • By far the biggest player in the Amazon software space with great customer support, a large community and constant software development.
  • Although you don’t get access to buyer emails like standalone landing pages, the Jump Send marketplace does work and can save you a lot of time and hassle.
  • For a reasonable price, you get access to the entire Jungle Scout suite of software.
  • Perfect for someone who does not want to spend a lot of time on marketing.


  • Does not help you capture customer data or directly market like a traditional landing page set-up.
  • You have to use all of the Jungle Scout software to unlock the full value of the subscription.

Who Is Jungle Scout Launch Best For?

If you are ready to move over to Jungle Scout for all of your Amazon software needs, this is a real no brainer. Although Jungle Scout + Launch can get expensive, the cost scales with your sales and it truly is a professional level suite of software. You do have to be OK with losing some control and not actually building your own list. The ability to add up to five users also makes this perfect for agencies or bigger sellers who have hired staff.

It is important to consider the future though, as building your own list is becoming increasingly crucial for launching new products and communicating with buyers to get reviews. While this may be an easy choice now and a leading option, it could make more sense to invest the time with another platform that allows you to have control over customer information. Check it out here.

6. AMZ Lead

Priced in Euros and with only an English or German language option, this is clearly not pitched to US based sellers, but could be a great option for those operating outside of North America.

The developers of AMZ Lead have put together a functional landing page generator that integrates coupon distribution and email marketing seamlessly. This software is nothing groundbreaking, but for some users, the price could be a big attraction.


The base plan that offers you one active campaign without the premium features like custom domains goes for the princely sum of $0. Yes, absolutely free and no, it is not a trial period! Two campaigns plus the ‘pro features’ is a comparatively pricey 19EUR a month, while the unlimited option is 39EUR a month.


  • Works well on all international Amazon stores.
  • Does everything it says on the box with no fuss.
  • Absolutely FREE to use indefinitely, as long as you don’t exceed one active campaign.


  • Billed in Euros, so not primarily for US based sellers.
  • A lot of the software defaults to German and though it can be switched back it is a little annoying and shows in which market their priorities lie.
  • AMZ Lead is a relatively unknown player in the space and is still an unproven, minor player.
  • For any more than one campaign, the cost is quite significant.

Who Is AMZ Lead Best For?

Do you only need one campaign at a time? If so, this is the software for you. The price of nothing is absolutely unbeatable. If you need more than that, it is best to look elsewhere as the price for more campaigns is just not competitive.

However if you are in Europe, especially German speaking markets and would prefer to access local customer support and be billed in Euros, it could be just the software you have been looking for.

Check out AMZ Lead for yourself here.

7. My Seller Pal

Before I started research new landing page software for Amazon in depth, I had not heard of My Seller Pal. Even going deep on Google, it is hard to find any other real user experiences of this software that was supposedly launched in 2016, which leads me to believe it is poorly marketed (not a great sign for marketing software).

My Seller Pal helps you to create customized landing pages, using your own custom URL and like the other offerings, integrates with email autoresponders to help you capture and manage customer data. Some of the interesting additions to this software include a profitability tracker and their ‘PPC waste identification’ package.


There are a total of 9 tiers if you include the free trial, which is really too much. The cheapest plan comes in at $15 a month, with an impressive 50 landing pages, while the pro plan goes for $55 a month with 100 landing pages.


  • Easy landing page construction, simply by inputting your ASIN.
  • Works on all major international Amazon stores.
  • Professional looking and secure landing pages, with the ability to use your own custom domain.
  • The offer of educational courses in the price.
  • Interesting PPC optimization software.


  • Complicated pricing structure with lots of hard limits which I don’t like, especially when other tools offer unlimited plans.
  • Does not come across as professional level software.
  • Practically unknown amongst Amazon seller and no one at all has a clear review on the software and how it performs.
  • It has existed for at least 3 years and there is no information out there at all. Do you really trust these guys to help you with your own marketing?

Who Is My Seller Pal Best For?

Based on my impressions of My Seller Pal, I would not currently recommend it. There is promise, but the 9 pricing plans and complete lack of any conversation about the tool among other Amazon sellers is a bit of a red flag for me, especially when we are talking about a three year old software package.

The Verdict

All of the software tools covered above have a particular strength and there is no clear overall ‘winner’ simply because different sellers are looking for different things from a landing page software package.

For this reason, I decided to break it down by user type when giving my final recommendations:

  • If you are a beginner to landing pages, then Landing Cube is a winning choice. It combines an easy UI with a massive amount of training resources to help you get up and running fast.
  • For those who are a bit more savvy and already have a good budget for paid ads should consider AMZ Promoter, as the advanced features are perfect for more demanding users.
  • Budget users who still want some control should look into ZonPages which includes all the features you would expect from a solid landing page builder, but also allows you to use your own code to really customize the look and functionality.
  • If you want a complete seller solution rather than just a landing page software, then Jungle Scout’s Launch combined with their Jump Send marketplace is the product for you. However, this option won’t give you the benefits of a traditional landing page generator.

If you haven’t been using landing pages to distribute your coupons, then you have been missing a key strategy that could give you an edge on the competition. Ranking for profitable keywords gets harder every month and to stay ahead of the competition you really need a clear strategy for promotions.

It gets harder every month to keep your listings ranked and selling well, with thousands of other sellers nipping at your heels and looking for customer attention. With the enhanced customer tracking and engagement offered by a landing page tool, you can get that edge for yourself and increase your listing profitability. With a landing page as the focus of your social campaigns, you will get more sales, more reviews, increase your rankings and as a consequence see your bottom line increase.

Almost all of the software reviewed here has a free trial, so you have absolutely nothing to lose by trialling a custom landing page for your newest listing today.



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