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Sending external traffic to your Amazon listings should result in more sales, right? That sounds like the logical outcome, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Research has shown that sending external traffic directly to an Amazon listing won’t result in more sales because unless you’re an established brand or are marketing to previous customers, there’s a high probability that the people you send to your listing won’t be interested in buying at that moment.

Furthermore, heavy traffic without any sales can actually end up hurting your ranking on Amazon, due to the decrease it will cause in your overall conversion rate.

Landing pages are a common workaround for this problem. By using a landing page, you can whittle down external traffic to customers who are most likely to convert BEFORE you send them to your Amazon listing.

That’s where Landing Page Promoter (previously called AMZPromoter) comes in. It’s a landing page generator that can help you quickly create optimized landing pages that successfully filter and drive traffic from external sources to your Amazon listings.

Landing Page Promoter isn’t the only service providing this solution, so in this article we’ll cover Landing Page Promoter’s features, pricing, and its pros and cons, to help you decide if it’s the right one for you.

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What is Landing Page Promoter?

Landing Page Promoter is a landing page builder and automated coupon delivery system for Amazon sellers.

A landing page is essentially a sales funnel that filters your traffic down to customers who are really interested in buying your products on Amazon. It creates an additional step in the buying process and gives you an opportunity to inform a potential customer about your brand or product.

It also has the added advantage of helping you to build email lists and track potential customers using retargeting pixels.

AMZPromoter can be used to:

• Quickly build responsive landing pages that are optimized to convert.

• Funnel traffic from Facebook, Google, blogs and other traffic sources directly to your landing page.

• Capture customer emails in exchange for a one-time coupon code with purchasing instructions for your Amazon product.


Quickly Build Landing Pages

Landing Page Promoter’s core feature is a webpage generator that you can use to build an optimized landing page in just a few minutes. The created landing pages can include branding options, product images, product descriptions, videos, FAQ, a scarcity timer, and an ad compliant footer.

To start a new campaign, select the ‘New Campaign’ tab on the dashboard and then fill out your campaign name (it can be changed later), product ASIN (this can be found under the inventory tab in Seller Central), promo URL (you can reuse the same URL extension in different promotions), promotion end date, and the product page URL.

Landing Page Promoter will use your product ASIN to automatically populate most of the required fields, including pictures, videos, scarcity indicators, and more. All you have to do is enter a promo title that will be displayed on the promo landing page, your promo price (equivalent to the coupon discount), and then pick an email auto-responder if you use a service like MailChimp or ActiveCampaign.

Automate Coupon Distribution

Landing Page Promoter automates coupon distribution and removes the time-consuming process of manually sending out single-use coupons. You first need to create your coupon codes in Seller Central and then upload them on Landing Page Promoter. You can choose to limit coupon giveaways to a single IP address and email address, and set up filters for disposable email addresses.

Capture Customer Emails

One of the main drawbacks of selling on Amazon is that you can’t capture your customers’ email addresses for future marketing. Landing Page Promoter solves this problem by capturing your customers email BEFORE they buy the product on Amazon, by offering them one-time coupon codes in exchange for their email address. This is 100% compliant with Amazon’s terms of service.

When the “Claim Your Coupon Now” button on your landing page is clicked, a pop-up will initiate and the user will be prompted to fill out their name and email address. After they correctly fill out the required parameters and click “Get Coupon”, an email will be sent to their address containing a link to the coupon code.

The customer email will include a message (which you can customize) thanking them for claiming a coupon code and providing them with a link to a coupon page. That page will give them the coupon code, a link to the product page on Amazon, and instructions on how to use the code to make a purchase.

Analytics & Conversion Tracking

Landing Page Promoter lets you embed your landing pages with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel scripts to track your conversions and data. You can also include custom scripts to your pages to maximize every campaign.

Filtering & Security

Landing Page Promoter has several security options to reduce fake coupon claims and other malicious actions, such as:

• Email opt-in – Users who want a discount must enter their email before they can access a coupon code.

• Required email verification – Users must verify their email address by clicking a confirmation link in their inbox before they’re redirected to the coupon page.

• Limit coupon codes to one per email and IP address – Customers can’t claim another code using a second email address on the same internet connection.

• Block disposable email addresses – Customers can’t use temporary email services like to claim coupons. Landing Page Promoter regularly updates its database of junk email addresses.

• Limit the number of coupons you send each day – Sellers have complete control over how many coupons are given out in a day to maximize campaigns.

Amazon MWS integration

Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) is a web service API that helps sellers exchange data on orders, payments, reports, listings, and more. Integration with MWS enables high levels of selling automation and can increase selling efficiency, improve response time to customers, and reduce labor requirements.

Landing Page Promoter supports integration with Amazon MWS and can use the available APIs to pull data from your Seller Central account.

Support for Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook Customer Audiences is a targeted advertising service that allows you to import user email addresses for retargeting on Facebook and Instagram.

Landing Page Promoter supports Facebook custom audiences. Once you’ve set it up, it’ll generate a Seller Central report of all orders made every four hours and then push the customer’s name and email address to a Facebook custom audience.

Facebook can match those details to a Facebook account and communicate directly with your customers via Facebook ads. This is a very effective tactic for launching new products, cross-promoting your other products, following up for reviews, or reminding customer to make another purchase.

URL builder tool

Landing Page Promoter has a tool for creating Super URLs, Normal URL, and Search & Buy URL, so you can quickly create links that will give you the biggest ranking boost. The tool also contains a rotating feature that allows you to rotate between different links for ranking multiple keywords. This is valuable feature for sellers who want to experiment with Amazon’s algorithm to improve their product’s ranking in search results.


Here’s a breakdown of Landing Page Promoters pricing tiers:

Subscription Tier:
Target Audience:New sellers (0-5k monthly revenue)Early-stage sellers (5-30k monthly revenue)Professional sellers (30k+ monthly revenue)
Monthly Subscription:$25/month$49/month$99/month
Annual Subscription:$19/month
($228 annually)
($444 annually)
($888 annually)
Features:• 3 active landing page campaigns • 15 active landing page campaigns

• Live chat support

• 1 Amazon MWS integration

• 3 Facebook custom audiences
• Unlimited landing page campaigns

• Priority email and live chat support

• 3 Amazon MWS integrations

• 50 Facebook custom audiences

• URL builder/rotator

In Summary

The Good

Supports multiple Amazon marketplaces – Landing Page Promoter works with Amazon U.S., UK, FR, ES, DE, and IT. It supports English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian languages. Support for Amazon IN, MX, JP, and CA will be added in the near future.

Allows custom code – If you don’t like any of the available landing page themes, then you can modify your pages using custom CSS and JS.

Analytics dashboard – You can track your page views, users, conversions and conversion rate at a glance using the analytics dashboard.

Doesn’t brand your landing pages – Some landing page generators like LandingCube add their logo to your landing pages unless you pay for a higher subscription tier. Landing Page Promoter’s landing pages are completely logo-free for all its tiers. See how Landing Page Promoter compares with LandingCube in full here).

Supports several email providers – You can integrate your Landing Page Promoter landing pages with any of the following email providers: Mailchimp, AWeber, ActiveCampaign, and GetResponse.

Supports Facebook chatbot campaigns – Landing Page Promoter lets you connect your landing page with your Facebook chatbot so you can reduce friction in your funnel when promoting your products with Facebook ads.

Features a URL builder tool – Landing Page Promoter has a tool for creating super URLs and storefront URLs, so you can quickly rotate between links.

The Bad

Price – Landing Page Promoter is pricier than other landing page generators like LandingCube, but its entry-level subscription tiers offer sellers slightly more active landing pages.

Only three landing page templates – Landing Page Promoter offers three landing page themes (Modern, Warm, and Classic) that all kind of look similar. It supports custom templates, but sellers who don’t know how to use CSS and JavaScript to customize their pages may be disappointed.

Free trial is only 14 days with credit card required – Landing Page Promoter only gives users a 14-day free trial (CC required). Two weeks might not be enough for you to see significant results, which is why LandingCube gives new users a 30-day free trial.

You need to subscribe to get customer support – Landing Page Promoter doesn’t provide any contact information or social media links on its website for users who may want to ask some questions before subscribing. Live chat support appears to be a feature that only offered to subscribers of its upper-tier plans.

Our Verdict

Sending external traffic to landing pages first before funnelling it to your Amazon listing is a tried-and-tested strategy for boosting sales, improving rankings and gaining more customers. It also has the added advantage of collecting customer emails to further increase your conversion rate and optimize your customer lifetime value.

Landing pages have become a key part of every Amazon seller’s marketing repertoire. Using one for all your products may feel like overkill, but it’s become something that even small sellers need to do in order to compete on Amazon.

Landing Page Promoter is making landing pages more accessible. Its subscription plans are pricey, but it has more advanced features (integration Amazon MWS and Facebook Custom Audiences, etc.) and it offers more active landing pages for its entry-level plans than alternatives like LandingCube.

If you’re a new seller with a tight budget who wants something simple, then Landing Cube is a good option. But if you’re an advanced Amazon FBA seller who needs features like Facebook Custom Audiences for targeted advertising on Facebook, then Landing Page Promoter is a better choice.

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